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Rav Kook On Evolution

Dr. Marc Shapiro blogs: He mentions that Maimonides assumes the eternity of the world when he seeks to prove the existence, unity, and incorporeality of God. Maimonides adopts this model so that his proof will be acceptable to everyone. R. … Continue reading

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Modern Orthodox Feminism

In his fourth lecture on Rabbi Yisrael Moshe Hazan (19th Century rabbi in Rome) for Torah in Motion, Rabbi Marc B. Shapiro says: A lot of the Modern Orthodox feminists want to update things even in the Torah. They’ll say … Continue reading

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Covering Up Rabbi Sex Abusers

Orthodox rabbi Marc B. Shapiro blogs April 15, 2010: There is another theory as to why the sectarian hasidic world in particular has had so many cases of covering up and defending child sex abusers. It is that they simply … Continue reading

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Jewish News

From Hirhurim: Bar-Ilan University launches Jewish education journal: link Englewood group, synagogue settle dispute: link Female rabbis find field still not level: link R. Eli Shulman (YU rosh yeshiva): Whats Wrong With Giving Women Semicha: link (audio) In Dispute Over … Continue reading

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What’s Proper Garb For A Rabbi?

Zalman Alpert comments on Marc Shapiro’s post and pictures: Rabbinic garb. the dress that Reb Simcha Zelig wore in his pictures was bedavka the authentic garb of Jews in Lithuania and the Ukraine from about 1950-1918. The Chafetz Chaim wore … Continue reading

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