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A Palestinian State

Stephen Steinlight emails: I recommend this piece. The truth, as anyone with even a smidgeon of historical knowledge of the conflict knows, is for the Palestinian leadership the goal has never been primarily a Palestinian state. The goal has been … Continue reading

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Rabbi Moshe Tendler Ascends The Temple Mount

From WorldNetDaily.com: A prominent U.S. rabbi recently ascended the Temple Mount – Judaism’s most revered site – stirring a quiet debate among some within the Jewish religious community about whether Jews should be permitted to enter the mount. Some rabbis … Continue reading

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Fatah Vs Hamas

From PragerRadio.com: "Dennis talks to Jonathan Schanzer, director of policy at the Jewish Policy Center. He has also served as counterterrorism analyst for the Office of Intelligence and Analysis at the U.S. Department of Treasury and as a research fellow … Continue reading

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Obama Waffles On Jerusalem

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Democrat Barack Obama misused a "code word" in Middle East politics when he said Jerusalem should be Israel’s "undivided" capital but that does not mean he is naive on foreign policy, a top adviser said on … Continue reading

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