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Jewish Life In Europe

From The Jerusalem Post: Widespread assimilation is the greatest threat to Jewish existence in Europe, the continent’s top rabbis concluded at their meeting in Paris last week, calling for a return to traditional Jewish family values and major rabbinical intervention. … Continue reading

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Herzfeld v. Lewin, Round 2

Ben Harris writes for JTA: Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld (he of NYTimes Op-Ed fame) and his congregant Nat Lewin (famed attorney and Agriprocessors defender) are having a little intra-shul spat over the ethics of kosher slaughter. Lewin called Herzfeld (his own … Continue reading

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Expanding The Laws Of Kosher

From The Jewish Press: We certainly hold no brief for any company or business enterprise shown to have run afoul of the law. And if AgriProcessors has done so in terms of employing undocumented workers, it will, and should, have … Continue reading

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