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Gunther Plaut Was 99

The Jerusalem Post headline is: “Reform Movement mourns passing of Gunther Plaut” Well, I think more than just Reform Jews mourn the passing of this congregational rabbi and Bible scholar. One of the first Jewish books I read was Gunther … Continue reading

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Parashat Vayera (Genesis 18:1-22:24)

Why doesn’t the rabbi touch his girlfriend? Is he a freak? No. He’s just an authentic Orthodox Jew. All Jews are expected by Jewish law to not touch the opposite sex (except for spouse and family). Most Orthodox Jews observe … Continue reading

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David Wolpe – America’s Top Congregational Rabbi

From the Jewish Chronicle of London, this interview with the Sinai Temple rav: And as for the question of gay marriages, he argues that “in America in 10 years, maybe less, maybe more, it won’t be an issue. The sociological … Continue reading

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