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Doping Rather Than Smoking

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “We have lost our minds on the tobacco issue. We have demonized [tobacco] that which should be a health issue and we have sanitized what [marijuana] should be a moral issue. “The … Continue reading

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Predicting A Person By His Choice Of Spouse

Instapundit says about CA Governor Arnold: “You could have predicted this [fiscal irresponsibility and shift left] just from knowing that Arnold was married to Maria Shriver. If you want to know whether a male Republican politician is likely to go … Continue reading

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First Asian-American To Head CA Supreme Court

I bet Asian-Americans are just ecstatic over this news. I bet they’re rioting in Chinatown and overturning cars and just going crazy with joy. Wow, one of their own will head the prestigious California Supreme Court. Perhaps Asian-American kids will … Continue reading

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Eliot Spitzer Jokes

From the AP: New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer became the butt of jokes faster than, well, faster than it would take a prostitute to ride Amtrak from New York to Washington. "I sat next to the guy three times and … Continue reading

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