Obama Admin: Marine Corps Must Pay for Marines to Have Themselves Castrated

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* World War T accelerated from zero to full official acceptance in 3.6 years.

* Stupefying. The acceleration is insane. Mixed sex military will become a cesspool of trading sex for power and power for sex. Accepting mentally troubled people into the military is going to go bad.

* This will all end in tears. Crap like this points to an outright delusional, nearly suicidal level of confidence on the part of our leaders, which just increases the likelihood of some kind of epic screwup. The gods of the copybook headings are going to crush us all.

* My career suffered for the 10 years or so after 9.11. I became so interested in politics, news, history etc that I ended up not working as hard as I should have. Thankfully, in the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been able to get it back on track. Why you ask? Because it doesn’t fucking matter anymore. All is lost. I only read 3 or 4 things now, all after work. Thanks Obama!

If I were Russia or China right now, I’d be at least gaming out the possible aftermath of an unprovoked, no-warning decapitation strike on Washington, D.C., and a few other Western capitals. The costs would be incredibly steep, of course, but the delusional incompetence of Western leaders at this precise moment means those costs might be lower right now than at any other time in history. Strike while the iron is hot, and all.

The potential upside for them is big enough that they’ve at least got to be toying with the idea as a purely intellectual exercise.

* It’s gotten to the point where every time I hear the national anthem play or see people saluting the flag, I get very uncomfortable. There’s too much of a disconnect between the tradition and the healthy instincts reverence for the military represents and the insanity of what it’s actually become.

Speaking of which, there’s a reality show on TLC called I am Jazz about this high school aged boy who thinks she’s a girl and her family. I’ll use the “she” pronoun because this one can actually pass as a girl, and seems to be an actual case of the condition. The whole family swears that Jazz was adamant that she was a girl as long as she could talk.

It’s incredible watching it and seeing what is being presented as healthy and normal.

For example, Jazz is pumped full of testosterone blockers and estrogen stimulants so that she doesn’t go through male puberty. She’s talking to her doctor about how she hoped to grow breasts, but unfortunately the shape wasn’t right. In other words, she just ended up with “man boobs” instead of actual girl breasts, which she expected to get from some hormone treatments.

Jazz has been recoiling at getting “bottom surgery,” but recently has come around to accepting the idea so that people won’t be able to say she has a penis so she’s not a girl. Nobody in the family would dare discourage this.

Throughout the show there are ridiculous examples of what the family perceives as oppression. At one point she goes through another surgery to have a hormonal blocker implant and sees that on her hospital bracelet it says “Sex: M.” They complain about this, but one would think that biological reality would trump feelings in a surgical setting in case something goes wrong.

The backdrop of this is an intact family with a mom, dad, and four kids including Jazz. They all seem well adjusted and healthy, except for the fact that they’re all ok with the mutilation of one member of the family.

Watching the show, even I’m convinced that Jazz might be a real case of the transsexual condition. I’d draw the line at bottom surgery though, which should not be allowed.

While Jazz may be happier as a girl, you see the broader effects of her activism. She goes around befriending people who are obviously insane. One character on the show mentions that at her child’s school like 10-15 kids had recently come out as transgender. Everyone of course celebrates how wonderful this is.

The whole thing is quite surreal and fascinating.

It reminds me that I read in the NYT today that the latest estimate is that 0.6% of the population is now transgender, or about 1 in 150 people. Amazing that such a sizable minority was missed for all of human history up to this point.

* Star ranks don’t count. Neither do enlisted ranks or lieutenants. The ranks that actually control the troops and earn their loyalty through competent and decent leadership are the career field ranks, captains, majors, lieutenant colonels, and colonels in the army and equivalent ranks in the other services. Historically it is these ranks that have most often formed the nucleus of successful military coup d’etats, putschs, rebellions, etc. Think of Franco, Nasser, the Greek and Argentine Colonels, Gaddafi, etc. Today a successful military takeover would also require the participation of specialist ratings that fall outside of traditional military ranking systems, e.g., nuclear, computer, and logistics specialties.

BO and his wrecking crew have had to tread carefully pruning these ranks of patriotic, non-ass-licking officers. These men are essential to the functioning of the military. Many are intensely troubled by what they see as the destruction of a once proud American institution. It won’t take much more to set some of these men off. I wouldn’t care to predict the results should this happen.

* I have refused to fly the flag or say the Pledge since Obama’s re-election. In 2008, I thought the country made a very, very stupid mistake…. in 2012 I realized that it got exactly what it wanted.

I’ve got to the point where I simply hate this country — just like all the radical hippies did back in the Sixties. Back then, they hated it because they had absolutely no common values with “The Establishment” that controlled it.

Now, the Counterculture has become The Establishment, and I’m the guy who has nothing in common with them.

I refuse to have any sort of patriotic loyalty whatsoever. I have no respect for anyone in any of the institutions of society. I laugh bitterly when I hear stupid, flag-waving, patriotic conservatives repeating platitudes like “The troops are fighting for our freedom.” Freedom to do what? Hack babies to pieces and have anal sex?

For thirty years I was a flag-waving, ultra-patriotic, right-wing, Republican-voting, Reaganite conservative rah-rah patriot.

Not any more. Frankly, this country has become positively Satanic — and I say that despite the fact that I’m not exactly a Bible-thumpin’ holy roller. This country can’t collapse soon enough as far as I’m concerned. There’s nothing in it for me.

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