Time For Americans To Get Israeli Rude About Immigration?

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* In public, Americans often act very upbeat about immigration and diversity. Mostly to appear polite and accomodating. Expressing rudeness and unpleasantness in public is generally not how Americans do things. Unfortunately, that leads towards oligarchs flooding the country with foreign labor, while Americans stay silent because they fear being impolite.

In contrast, Israeli Jews are an extremely rude and obnoxious ethnic group, with little (if any) concern to manners or pleasantness. Not surprisingly, they get to have spirited discussions on immigration in their country.

Here’s a post about Israelis that describes them well.

It was only when I got back from college in 1980 did I notice any Israelis in the SFV. The Israeli Influx I first noticed while playing 3 on 3 basketball at Valley College. There was a customary way regulating who would be the next team to challenge the team that had just won, but an Israeli threesome simply walked on the court. The team of laidback Valley Boys who were, by tradition, the next to play politely pointed out how the system worked, so one of the Hebrew-accented interlopers grabbed the Valley Boy by the shoulders and attempted to head-butt his face in. This was before Bob Hoskins movies had made much of an impact in America, so it was a striking sight.

Today, the Valley has a large Israeli population, including a sizable fraction of the tradesman population. For example, the amiable, competent locksmith who changed our locks last year was from Israel. The kitchen remodeling salesman who quoted us a staggering price noted that his father was a Persian Jew and his mother an Israeli. The retired housepainter who lives around the corner keeps his hometown Israeli TV station on all the time so he can stay constantly outraged at what the Palestinians are up to.

Americans need to be more like that. Less Midwestern nice and more Israeli loutish. Then we can have an informed public discussion of immigration.

* My decent amount of experience with Israelis is they keep their nasty shit on the down low. They know the shit they’re pulling, and don’t want to be caught at it. They are clannish as can be. They’ll scam other Jews who aren’t Israeli. Most average american jews who’ve had significant experience with Israeli’s would agree with me.

Think of barnyard gypsies, and add 30-40 IQ points.

* In this day and age of political correctness and cultural Marxism, most white people know enough what to say and what NOT to say to the news media.

* Of course, there are some extremely boorish WASPs who don’t mind being offensive.

* Trump’s two extended families, the Scots and the Germans, both have a history of valuing the United States as a second home and a refuge from the Old World. His heritage inclines him towards treating this country as an asset that needs good management to maintain its worth. I can’t say that about all the diversity trash that has flooded into the country over the last few decades.

* I think James Fallows should inform Robert Putnam as to just how wrong how all his studies of diversity were. It is simply false, based on the unbiased and unskewed observations of Fallows in the truly universal example of Dodge City, KS, that diversity undermines trust and creates societal disharmony. To the contrary, it results in hand-holding Kumbayas by nightly campfires, treasured by all.

Who are you going to believe, James Fallows, or your lying science?

* Yes, we will shrivel from 325 million to what? Currently our 325 million puts as the third most populous nation on Earth. China and India, who are currently vying for the top spot with 1.3 billion, are the only nations besides us to ever exceed 320 million people.

Let’s say we shrivel all the way down to 140 million. That would put us back to where we were during WW2 when we had 12 million in uniform and millions working in the factories churning out the weapons of war for the allied effort. It would also mean we would be about the 8th most populous nation on Earth being edged out by China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria and Bangladesh. We’d be tied with Russia and slightly ahead of Japan.

It’s funny how the elites keep pushing us to grow, grow, grow our population. Yet the only nations ahead of us are pure hell holes. Maybe being number one in population is not such a great thing. We need new leaders to come up with new metrics. Anyone who advocates growing our population further needs to be immediately disqualified from any position of authority. Similar to how anyone with racists beliefs is persona non grata, any population fetishist should meet a similar fate.

* I have grown quite fond of advocating – for lack of a better term – “White Zionism”.

In fact, about 6 weeks ago while visiting Toronto I floated this idea to a friend-of-a-friend. Some odious broad who is proudly involved in importing “refugees” to Canada as Tikkun-Olam. We’ve locked horns several times over the years.

I told her how much I admire the Jews and Israel that I hope my people have a Zion of our own one day. I also highlighted the impressive actions of groups such as the Irgun.

Her head basically exploded. The next day I was informed I was dis-invited to that night’s festivities.

I think I’m on to something.

Extremely effusive praise of Israel can really tongue-tie a certain kind of liberal American Jew.

* Shut up, collect as much money as possible, vote and donate to Trump or whoever succeeds him, and spread crimethink to people you think are susceptible. Trolling hardcore progressives is fun but only exposes you to risk. You’ve got to get libertarians who already think the government’s bad, conservatives who love America but still believe Market Knows Best, or heterodox liberals who actually believe in freedom of speech (I’ve met a few).

Trump opened the door and almost made it. The Republicans know amnesty is death now. Trump was Goldwater; now you have to build the organization that will support Reagan.

* Isn’t it striking that liberal journalists are comfortable using expressions like “lily white” or “whitebread” when describing areas with concentrations of their fellow white citizens? The word “white” would suffice by itself, and the modifiers are obviously meant pejoratively. They don’t describe Detroit as “coal black” or “black as the ace of spades,” do they?

* Only on an anonymous Internet forum would I admit that my old neighborhood in Minneapolis was ruined — RUINED!– by Somali immigrants. What used to be a nice working class Polish neighborhood turned into a dangerous run down area full of menacing Somali youths. But if a NYT reporter had asked me to attach my name to a quote! “Oh I love our vibrant new neighbors parking their shitty cars on my block at 1 am all Ramadan to go to the mosque that replaced the office building.”

* Politeness and tolerance are some of the absolute best qualities in the American people. In the West in particular, there’s a strong live-and-let-live ethos. Living in a country where people are boorish, pugnacious, and tribal is not fun.

Fallows doesn’t seem to understand that it’s possible to be personally kind to immigrants and to try to make the best of the situation while still wanting the government to restrict immigration.

Kansas elected the extremely strong-on-immigration Kris Kobach as their Secretary of State, so I imagine there are a lot of voters who fit that profile.

* I think the German cinema shooting on Thursday helped tip the scale, especially after they refused to release the name or ethnicity of the shooter. People put two and two together.

* My best friend toiled in the IT department of Sheldon Adelson’s Comdex vineyard in the late 80s/early 90s. When Shecky married 2nd wife Miriam, an Israeli, there was an influx of Israelis to the company. My friend said that these argumentative, gold-chain-wearing, sartorially-challenged guys were derided by the non-Chosen staff as “Jewish Puerto Ricans”, leading some to underestimate them as the new guys were easing them out the door.


* I’ll try to explain the liberal point of view on the problem with pattern recognition and crime.

We liberals aren’t stupid. We know that blacks commit crime at a high rate. But because we want to make sure everyone gets a fair chance, and to reduce segregation and inequality, we are conscious of the knock-on effects. Allowing people to discriminate freely as individuals will have bad effects at the macro scale.

If it becomes common knowledge that blacks commit crime at a much higher rate, and people are allowed to act in individually reasonable ways on that knowledge, then that will keep blacks marginalized.

It may be strictly rational for every employer in the country to avoid hiring blacks, but the collective result of that would be that blacks are totally unemployed.

If you accept that government should want to avoid keeping some groups of people as a permanent underclass, then you should want to avoid this. Hence, affirmative action hiring and opposition to racial profiling.

Just as in any complicated system, you cannot simply assume that reasonable looking rules at the micro level will translate to desirable emergent properties. I feel conservatives have trouble getting this point. It’s not enough to claim your desirable society gives individuals a nice looking set of rights. You have to look at how they actually perform in reality.

* I’m sure that some liberals — maybe James Flynn or Christopher Jencks of Harvard, say — would endorse what Frizzled says over a drink if they were assured of complete confidentiality.

But how many would come out and say it publicly in an explicit fashion?

Why is this point of view more frequently encountered in iSteve than in, say, the New York Review of Books? (And the New York Review of Books, by the way, is pretty good, if getting a little long in the tooth. I read it regularly.) I’d be interested if Frizzled can point to prominent current liberals who have recently stated this view in public as clearly as he just did.

And how many young people actually get this understanding before they reach Emeritus status at their university? Why the spread of Anti-White Guyism?

* Ironically Jews have dominated computer science for decades.

Israel also has companies which can break into iPhone encryption, develop facial recognition software and write malicious programs like Stuxnet. You really to bend the facts to call the frontier of artificial intelligence a racist “white guys’” project.

* People need to stop inviting nice White ladies like her to weddings and other social events. In other words they need to be shunned from the White society they claim to hate so much. If everyone did that, this bullshit would be over with by Labour Day. White ethno-masochism would be as declassé as white shoes.

* Has anyone else noticed the creeping use of the term “white guys” in place of “white men” in serious pieces in serious publications, such as this?

Now there’s nothing inherently offensive about the term as a means to refer to young white men in a casual context, but in cases such as this it’s clearly meant to demean, as even elderly white men are “white guys”, whereas men of other racial/ethnic groups are “men”, and adult females of any race are “women”.

* When I was born, my dad was working at a meat packing plant in rural Iowa. His wage was enough to support our family. He got other work after wages were driven down. The plant he worked at and the town it was in (Storm Lake, IA, thankfully not my hometown) was destroyed by itself. They imported Mexicans for low wages and got Mexican gangs and disorganization. Mason City, IA recently rejected 1100 jobs and a meat packing plant. Good thing too. It’s a nice, clean town. Even worse than importing Mexicans is the modern meat pack model of importing Somali’s. We are sure to learn some hard lessons here in Minneapolis about the wisdom of such immigration, and soon. Cedar in Southeast Minneapolis is to be avoided, unless you want to see the horn of Africa on the cheap.

* Why would anyone want America to become more like Israel, or for Americans to be more like Israelis? We just need our rulers and leaders to act like Americans.

I guess it’s also worth mentioning, though it’ll likely get me censored, that pushy Jewish activist, media and financial types have played a solid role in creating the financial, demographic and cultural problems that are destroying America.

* The funniest tale about Israelies I heard once was from someone who visited there:

Nobody waits in line in Israel, because there are no lines.

Apparently, whether it be for buses, government offices, banks, sporting events, or anything, Israelis don’t bother getting in a line; they merely push and shove to be first. Everyone just tries to step on or push aside everyone else.

It’s like Kissinger said about Israel: the only reason Israel has a foreign policy is to keep it from having a civil war over domestic policy.

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