Why Are Journalists So Down About Brexit?

Why do all the journos sound so bummed out? Why should they care whether or not Britain leaves the EU? If they care so much, why? And if they have picked a side in this matter, how many other sides are they picking and thereby distorting news coverage?

I was watching the BBC last night and listening to NPR today and all the journos sounded like they were at a funeral. It was uniform. They were all aghast at Britain asserting its sovereignty. Why are journalists so opposed to nationalism?

Chaim Amalek writes: “They care because their masters care. Their masters care because it is in their class interest to amalgamate all the world’s proletariats into a single, undifferentiated docile mass from which to extract labor and to which to sell consumer goods.”

Tom posts on FB: “What the Brexit vote seems to expose is one of the oldest moral questions in our history as a species — can we ultimately get along with people who are different from us in pigmentation, religion and language? Or are we fated to always live as warring tribes?”

Racial and religious diversity always means conflict and tragedy. Always. That’s why there are separate countries.

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