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* Richard Spencer’s White nationalism is a product of the European melting pot of America, but there is no evidence that it is particular or culturally specific enough to be able to create a deep-rooted sense of identity that tugs at the heart in the way that being English or French does. In fact I sometimes wonder whether the ‘white guilt’ religion of white liberals in American society is itself a curious attempt to create a racial identity in a land where whites have lost much of their old European national and regional identities. But whether that is the case or not, it is a mistake to transplant the racial situation of the New World onto Europe, which, while there are paralells, is also quite different.

In reality the EU is bad for whites and bad for European civilisation. One only has to look at the enemies ranged against the Brexit vote–Obama, Merkel, the IMF. It’s like a who’s who of ISteve.

The EU is a Utopian dream, as was the Soviet Union. Totalitarian societies are created by people who, like Merkel with her refugees–’if I can’t do this then this isn’t my Germany’ believe so strongly in the goodness of their own feelings and instincts that it allows them to over-rule any law or restriction that stands in their way. If you accept the logic of the EU then you will probably accept the logic of a one world government and the steamrollering of race, culture, family, and morality that this will carry in its wake by those who will will enfore their rule with ruthless piety. For me a world stripped of all the glorious quirks of human culture for the sake of global capital and leftist religion is a nightmare not a fantasy. It’s like wanting to see all the rainforests and all its natural wonders pulled up and covered in tarmac. I want the globalists to lose, and it can’t come soon enough.

So I’m voting to leave.

* It’s a mistake to transplant the white nationalism of America onto Europe which still has particular ethnic identities which seem to have a depth and emotional pull that ‘whiteness’ has not yet proved itself to have in America. In fact I do wonder if the ‘white guilt’ religion of white American liberals is an attempt to try and fill this void with what amounts to a new basis for a shared sense of history and common future of white Americans.

The EU is a utopian dream just as the soviet union was. Totalitarian societies are created by the kind of leftist idealists who are dangerous because they have such a high regard for their own idealism and moral goodness that it allows them to over-rule any law or restriction because they trust so deeply in the goodness of their own instincts, just like Angela Merkel and her ‘if I can’t do this it’s not the Germany I know’ approach to re-writing German immigration law–the liberal version of the ‘Fuhrer principle’ if you will. Such are the people that govern the EU. If you accept the logic of one-Europe government you will also probably accept the logic of one world government, and the steamrollering of all race, culture, family, religious and moral difference that will come in its wake and which will be enforced with ruthless piety.

So I’m voting to leave to put a spoke in the wheel of international capital and left wing religious utopianism.

* In the EU, crops that were not on a list of approved varieties were forbidden. It takes a considerable amount of money to get a vegetable variety on that list, so anything people aren’t willing to shell out huge amounts of money for cannot be sold.

And when I say “cannot be sold”, I mean that gardening businesses that sold old ‘heirloom’ and open-pollinated varieties were raided by armed men wearing body armor and carrying assault weapons. Because they were selling types of beans and peas and rutabagas that weren’t approved.

These weren’t foreign plants being brought across national borders, these were old and familiar vegetables that had been grown for decades if not centuries and posed no conceivable risk to anyone. All those gardeners were turned into criminals.

I don’t understand why the British thought entering the EU was a good idea, and I have no idea why they’d think leaving wasn’t the obvious choice. They should regain their own sovereignty in all matters, from immigration to what sorts of seeds should be sold, and scrap trying to centrally plan their economy.

* I’ve been expecting all along that Remain would win by a slim majority, similar to the Scottish referendum recently. I am absolutely committed to escaping from the EU, but I just think the referendum was called too soon, before we had achieved significant Parliamentary representation for the Leave camp. Such a vote will always in Britain tend to stick with the status quo, imo, and especially when the leadership hierarchies of all the mainstream political parties are arguing for that.

But I have been pleasantly surprised by the strong showing of the Leave campaigners in the polls. It seems clear they have won the arguments and shifted opinion. It feels like a cruel dangling of hope, though, for me.

Whatever the result though, it ends nothing. The goal was never to have, or to win, a referendum. The objective was always, and remains, to escape from the birthing United States of Europe before we are faced with only the options available to Carolinans and Virginians in 1861. There’s a long way to go from even a reasonably strong Leave victory (55%, say) to actually getting out, when the forces against getting out are so powerful and so entrenched in the business, media and political high ground. A referendum result, of course, is not binding on Parliament. And even then of course, having dealt with the priority threat, we have to face the issues of getting out from under US “influence”……

It won’t be the end, or even the beginning of the end, but it might perhaps be the end of the beginning (to use my favourite political quote yet again).

Much the same applies, of course, to a defeat for the British patriots, if that is the result tomorrow. The fight goes on, because it must go on. There can be no compromise or acceptance of defeat when the very existence of the nation as an independent entity is at stake.

* I would counter that the EU is not only anti-nationalist but also hostile to indigenous Europeans. The machinery of the EU is designed to break down national barriers and blur individual European identities by bringing in non-Europeans and mixing up the different European ethnicities the best they can. I hope that the UK exits the EU and this causes a domino effect where other nations break away until the EU finally crumbles. I don’t see this happening, call me cynical (and I hope I’m wrong), but I think the vote will be rigged. The political elite has a lot riding on this experiment.

A united Europe of course can be a great thing, but this Union is dangerous to Europeans as a whole. Especially with people like Merkel and Junker in charge.

* There is a certain irony, I think, in the fact that mass immigration from outside the EU, in the end, might prove to have been (hopefully) the final downfall of the Eurocrats. (Whichever way this particular vote goes, I think the resurgence of nationalist politics in Europe will hopefully eventually do for the EU project, one way or the other).

Free movement within the EU is a necessary part of their superstate project, but there’s nothing driving their dogmatic (and positively demonic, imo) insistence on backing mass migration from other continents except their own antiracist and internationalist ideologies. British moaning about Poles and central European complaints about gypsies, etc, would in itself probably have been containable. If they’d been a little more pragmatic and cynical (Lord knows, they are certainly cynical enough on other issues and in other ways), they might have gotten away with it.

Perhaps it really was just sheer arrogance.

* I will venture a prediction that the age of cynicism has drawn to a close and we all don’t know it yet. Brexit wins by a comfortable (i.e. unexpectedly large) margin. Global stock markets initially take a big hit but soothing tones emanating from Yellen and Draghi coax them back into the sideways channel that they’ve been plowing through for the last two and a half years. For the time being, and for several months into the future, nothing much else seems to change. There’s a lot of inertia in the system and no one, not even those in favor of the Brexit, know quite how to adjust to the new reality.

Those of us who support Trump should take careful note of this. Trump will win, but initially nothing will seem to change. The effects of these massive, narrative-shifting events will take years to manifest. It will be very difficult for we who are part of these processes to understanding them in the offing, for we ourselves are the events.

And let’s not forget my first (variously formulated) iron rule of sociology: All true social change is fundamentally driven, but fundamentally driven social changes take much longer to eventuate than originally supposed.

* I am a Finnish nationalist. I care more about Finns than I care about other people. And I care more about Europeans (“whites”) than non-Europeans. “Concentric loyalties” I believe is the term.

I certainly don’t want to fill my country with Iraqis, Somalis, or Afghanis, but neither do I want to fill it with immigrants from other European countries. Of course, if it must happen, I’d much rather have European immigrants. But I’d rather not.

Spencer says a lot of stupid shit about the EU and ethnic nationalists (he refers to us as “petty nationalists”). He sounds almost as bad as anti-nationalist open borders advocates. He’s just plain wrong about many things, e.g. saying that the EU has nothing to do with the refugee/immigration disaster, that the nation states are wholly at fault. For one, the so-called “freedom of movement” (i.e. lack of border controls) within the EU is a huge reason for it. The vast majority of the asylum seekers simply wouldn’t be able to reach their desired destinations in Northern Europe without it. We Finns wouldn’t have gotten 32,000+ asylum seekers last year without it. Spencer is just an ignorant armchair general with no skin in the game.

I hope that Brexit happens. It should make the federalists who control the EU less arrogant, less utopian, and less aggressive about pushing their stupidity on Europeans. It’s no panacea, but it’s a step in the right direction.

* 4 observations about from a British born Israeli.

1) Brexit can’t win. Google, Youtube, Facebook and a few others have the ability to influence voter turnout by way more than the margin of victory in the even the most optimistic polls. Given the importance of this referendum to the Cathederal its frankly inconceivable that they won’t exercise this power.

2) This referendum has been useful in distilling the latent divisions in the new politics. Right on millenials have spent the last month repeating IMF propaganda as if it was holy Writ, George Osborne has been calling everyone waysist so much would imagine he was smoking a bong. The Left and the globalists will, of course, try to go back to their phoney “1% way” after this, but it will be much harder after a an orgy of mutual backslapping consisting of ever more lurid attempts to demonstrate their disgust for ordinary indigenous Britons. This of course gives opportunities for a new anti-Left alliance. My preference is that this will take a Misesian free-market form, but, of course, other options are possible.

3) Similarly this referendum has been useful in separating the good from the crap in the alt-right. What a narcissistic twerp Spencer is. The independence of a millenium old country with arguably the greatest cultural heritage in the world is just some “petty” issue getting in the way of realizing his gaylord fantasies. More broadly, I think this demonstrates the real weakness of the WN variant of alt-right thought. White nationalism is both too broad and too rigid. It can’t accommodate “petty” nationalisms that actually mean something to people and so provide a basis for a decent social order, nor can it replace them because it can’t deal with the real issue that people actually quite like having a friendly Hindu running the corner shop and, as such, the basis of national identity, of which shared descent must play a part, must accommodate him too. I suggest, and I’m partly trolling here, that Jewish nationalism is a better model. In principle anyone can join, but its really hard, its you not them who gets to pick, and it’s understood by all that converts don’t make the rules. Now of course, getting to such a model is no easier than just going full white nationalist, arguably even harder, but it’s a more desirable destination.

* If one accepts the reality of the Deep State in Europe and North America as core to the world-wide Anglo-Saxon Empire (the United States, Britain, Australia and their European provinces), then it follows that MI5 and MI6 would be acting to skew the polls and otherwise take action to ensure that Britain continues to serve the interests of the Deep State. Hence, whether Britain stays in or leaves the EU will be determined by the interests of that State. “Facts” are impossible in the short term to prove this hypothesis one way or the other since it is usually years or decades before historians can dig out the facts.

All one has to do is look at the unfolding “real history” of Europe from the height of the British Empire through the post-WWII era as documented by historians to support the hypothesis of the Deep State. Indeed, Britain paved the way for Western industrial countries with the models for a “double” government as well as financialized, mercantile economies — in this case the government for public consumption (Parliament) and the hidden government making strategic economic and foreign policy decisions (the elite-ruled civil service).

* It’s time to leave. The UK participated in, and contributed enormously, to the historic experiment. The results are in and the experiment failed.

Unelected bureaucratic mandarins represented wildly divergent interests from the UK’s. Elected officials from other European countries represented wildly divergent interests from the UK’s. The European experiment denied the British people their fundamental right of democratic participation. It enforced confiscatory taxation on Britons. It literally, not figuratively, initiated a population replacement program of the native British people.

European Union was an enticing, romantic vision. Many, or most of us fell under its heady spell at one time or another. Free trade and free movement of our peoples. Cheap vacations to sunny beaches. Liasons with available, good-looking foreigners in exotic towns and villages. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, the native common sense of each country’s common people was over-ridden by the base instincts of those cultural and political elites who always find a way to line their own pockets. Those elites never do so without snidely discounting the legitimate fears and concerns of the common people.

A better future for the UK lies ahead. Independence and self-determination will bring political responsibility closer to home and closer to the commons. Local power will enforce political accountability and serve the best interest of the British people.

A representative government is an accountable one. An accountable government is a stronger one. The British will negotiate trade and strategic agreements with every remaining European Union country. None of those countries can afford the luxury of ignoring Britain – the fifth largest economy in the world. Britain will enhance its strategic relations and trade agreements with the Anglosphere – USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand – as well as the fast-growing economies of India with its 125 million English speakers and African nations with 150 million English speakers. Global powers China and Russia will discover a new-found respect for Britain in its independence from the Eurocracy and its strategic solidarity with the Anglosphere. Really, it’s all good. Bring it on. It’s time.

It’s time for the Euro elites and the Eurocrats to thank Britain’s people for all they have given in The Great European Experiment. The blood, sweat and tears of our parents and grandparents who gifted Europe its freedom from tyranny – along with our Anglosphere brothers. The untold amounts of treasure Britain gifted Europe from its Exchequer – paid for with the brilliance, hard work and integrity of its industrious people. Britain’s ongoing and extraordinary contribution to science and technology. The outstanding, shining example of British political and social civility…Really, it’s ok, Europe.

* I am watching the BBC streaming on my PC. Several talking heads are lamenting about the falling Pound. But how many times do markets make large swings over a day or two only to come back to equilibrium in a few days? Does anyone seriously think the Pound’s drop tonight is permanent? I remember when the London subway was bombed and the US market dropped a couple percent. I was able to buy a stock I’d been wanting and within five trading days dumped it for a nice profit. The fear mongering never ends.

Heck if BREXIT wins tonight, then I will win tomorrow. I am sure there will be some buying opportunities tomorrow in the market.

* When the shooting happened there were still at least 6-7 hours of voting left. My (conspiracy) theory is that the German government didn’t want to remind British voters why they needed to get the hell out of the EU. The press seems to have really clamped down on refugee stories lately, probably for much the same reason.

It’s interesting to wonder how lopsided the vote for independence would be if the press and oligarchs didn’t have so many people fooled.

* Some American analysts on Fox Business Net, Stuart Varney and others, are pretty happy about the Exit while their guest, a silly little man who writes for the “Economist,” is quite chagrined. They just told him, “While everyone else was telling them to worry about the survival of the EU, the Brits just told them, “Worried about the EU? Hell, no, we’re worried about ourselves!”

Nice to know the country of Churchill still has it in them.

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