Bring The Troops Home

Michael Scheuer writes:

Now is the time – listen up, Mr. Trump – for the United States to get out of the Middle East as quickly and completely as possible, certainly before the IS post-cities insurgency resumes in Iraq and Syria. There is nothing left in that theater for the United Sates except additional costly and U.S. Marine-killing defeats. While we are at it, the republic should both withdraw from Afghanistan – the prototypical “lost cause” — and recall each of the numerous penny-packets of U.S. Special Forces from Africa that Obama has deployed for domestic political impact and not anti-Islamist military affect.

The U.S. national government’s war against the Islamists – overseas and perhaps at home — is clearly lost, and just as clearly out of either its control or the control of any Western power or Russia. As Obama and his NATO sidekicks remain bore-sighted on Iraq and Syria, for example, Islamist forces – both IS and al-Qaeda – are gaining power in the Balkans, the North Caucuses, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Yemen, and Pakistan, and are building manpower and organization in Europe, western China, India, and Bangladesh. Moreover, IS and al-Qaeda are waging war and contesting for power in Libya, the other North African states, West Africa, Somalia, Kenya, and Tanzania, and appear to be gaining toeholds in central and Southern Africa.

A three-continent war against the growing Islamist movement is something only a delusional madman would want to ensnare the republic, so naturally that is exactly what Obama and Hillary Clinton did. Fortunately, the entire Bush-Clinton-Bush-Obama-made mess can be sidestepped by the national government if it would do the only thing it is elected to do – protect America and its citizenry first and stay out of other peoples’ wars. And the first requirement of that duty is fourfold; (a) close and control U.S. borders; (b) end all immigration to the United States for five-to-ten years, thereby negating the simpering, teary-eyed cries of discrimination made by clueless people like Paul Ryan, all Democrats, and most pundits and academics; (c) bring U.S. forces home to prepare to fight the Islamists domestically in what will be a tough, costly struggle against a foe that already has killed or wounded many more U.S. civilians inside the continental United States than were killed in all of America’s wars since 1917; and (d) urge all Americans to arm themselves with the most powerful weapons they can afford, having seen how Obama’s administration has made it impossible to cope with the domestic Islamist threat via law-enforcement agencies alone.

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