OJ: Made In America

I’ve watched the first three parts of this ESPN documentary. It is compelling viewing. It is directed by a guy who’s half black and half Jewish. His politics are all left.

The black characters in the doc are so compelling and they are usually more emotionally affecting than the others. Whites seem dull by comparison. The blacks have such a strong sense of peoplehood, kinda like Jews and Chinese and Koreans and Australians, while the whites seem all about abstract principles such as “fair trial” and other legalisms and procedures.

There’s this Jewish journalist and USC professor, Joe Saltzman, who proclaims how he was as ignorant about black rage prior to the Watts riots as the white guy. Such Jews claim to be white when it is an advantage to them, and to not be white when that’s useful.

Prior to his 1994 arrest for murder, O.J. Simpson never seemed to care about being black. He seemed to prefer the company of whites.

Brentwood is described as a white place without crime and without blacks. Until 1994, OJ is treated by America as an honorary white, as a celebrity who transcends race (like Barack Obama was regarded before he took office as president and used his power on behalf of his race and against whites).

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