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Al emails:

Listening to the Dennis Prager radio program last Friday, June 10th, I heard the beginning of a telephone call from a woman caller that went something like this: I am calling you because you are a deeply religious person. I too am a deeply religious person — I am a Roman Catholic. I am calling because I have lost my ability to pray. I prayed very hard for my sister’s recovery from an illness, but she died! Ever since she died, I have been unable to pray again.
Prager said something like: I have an answer for you. I am not sure you will find it emotionally satisfying, but it will satisfy you intellectually, but I have to take a break, so don’t go away…

Unfortunately, I had to go away and couldn’t hear Dennis Prager’s answer.

Since you are (or were) a devotee of Dennis Prager, I figured you would know: is there any way for me to be able to hear the recording of last Friday’s program so that I could find and listen to the answer he gave the above caller? I am sure that Prager said that the purpose of prayer is to affect us, rather than to change God’s mind.

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