What Is A Man Supposed To Say When His Woman Asks Him If She Looks Fat?

Carla calls the Dennis Prager show today: "Men, instead of being honest and speaking from their heart, want to give the right answer so they’re not in trouble. That is not good. I don’t want a wimp who’s afraid to offend me and stay out of trouble. That’s a child, not a man."

"I have a son. I don’t want two. Each husband will have to tune it to his wife. Most women really don’t want a yes-man. It makes you lose respect for them. It makes you not want to have sex with them. There are a lot of issues wrapped up in this. And when a guy says, ‘What do you want me to answer?’ That’s like LOSER! WIMP!

"My husband will say, ‘You’re beautiful, but that shirt, you can look better.’ I don’t get offended."

Dennis: "If you gained weight, would he tell you?"

Carla: "Yep. He would. He has. He says I have a Botticelli body. He says, ‘You’re not fat. You’re just born in the wrong century.’

"It builds up distrust. We feel like they just don’t want to get in trouble. In all things, don’t think, what does she want me to say? That’s a turn-off. We want a man, not a boy. And you’ll get more sex that way."

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