A Possible Alliance Between Nazis & Social Justice Warriors

Any nation that turns against achievement in the name of equality is likely to be bad for the Jews.

This is something that social justice warriors and the Alt Right have in common — they oppose achievement by merit. They prefer a rigged playing field.

The best definition of the political right is that is against equality. Instead, the right recognizes and respects hierarchy.

Every people have distinct gifts. Ashkenazi Jews, for instance, have the gift of high IQ and high achievement and high educational and status attainment.

Occupy Wall Street, with its rhetoric against the 1% who rig the game, made Jews understandably nervous. It was not in their interests.

Even though Jews vote left in America, they tend to be against affirmative action and for law and order.

The more free a society, the more likely it is that Jews will dominate certain high IQ fields such as medicine, science, law, media, technology, and business. Any group, particularly tribal groups, that comes to dominate a society can be expected to use their power primarily for its own benefit. Non-Jews have rational reasons to be concerned about Jewish power just as Jews have rational reasons to be concerned about gentile power and force.

In Western Europe, Jews generally admired their gentile societies while in Eastern Europe, Jews and goyim tended to hate each other. Thus Jews from Western European origins tend to have a more positive view of goyim than do Jews of Eastern European origins.

Jews from Europe now living in Israel, by contrast, have had a more benign view of Arabs than have Jews from Arab and Muslim lands. You are much more likely to hear chants of “Death to the Arabs” from Sephardim than Ashkenazim. Rabbi Meir Kahane’s support in Israel came largely from the Sephardim who had much more experience with Arabs than did the Ashkenazim.

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