Different Groups Have Different Interests

The more the goy (I’m talking the white of European origin because from the traditional Jewish perspective asians are not goyim, they are tribesmen worthy of respect, impossible to manipulate, while blacks are shvartzes, entertaining and dangerous and at times useful but as different from us as the animals, while latinos are more competent than shvartzes but boring) in the West develops, strengthens and takes pride in his racial, national or religious identity, the more vulnerable the Jew may become.

The more the Jew develops his Jewish identity, the more likely he is to have negative views of the goyim. The more the goy develops his racial, national or religious identity, the more likely he is to have negative views of Jews.

“Anti-Semitism is as natural to Western civilization as anti-Christianity is to Jewish civilization, Islamic civilization and Japanese civilization.” (Major Kong)

I am currently studying the Talmudic tractate of Kiddushin. It’s all about marriage from the Jewish perspective and the importance of maintaining pure bloodlines and developing a separate and holy community that can still do business with goyim when necessary.

From Kiddushin 71A, from this week’s daf yomi portion:

The moshiach will purify the tribes in the Messianic era, by separating the genealogically tained from the genealogically pure…

Silver (i.e. wealth) purifies mamzerim (bastards)… Mamzerim that have gained acceptance into the legitimate congregation of Israel (e.g. through the use of their wealth) will not be isolated in the Messianic era. Thus, through the use of wealth, mamzerim can become pure.

All lands are like dough (i.e. their population is an indeterminate mixture of genealogically pure and impure) relative to the Land of Israel, and the Land of Israel is like dough relative to Babylon.

Well, what if the goyim adopted this way of looking at the world? They would refuse to marry Jews (and the Ivanka Trumps could not marry Jewish elites). They would refuse to eat with them and socialize with them unless absolutely necessary. They would restrict doing business with them. They might not regard it is as a big sin to cheat them in business and it would not be regarded as horrible to exploit Jews. The goyim would develop an in-group vs out-group morality like Judaism and Islam and the many tribal views of life, and the goyim would regard their own group as divinely chosen with a transcendent and unique purpose in life. They would feel at the center of the universe and they wouldn’t take any guff from out-groups.

I can’t imagine a gentile society equally obsessed with its genetics as Jews and yet being Jew-friendly.

What if America began taking his Christianity more seriously, as seriously as the Jewish state of Israel takes its Judaism? Then Jews in America might be pushed to the periphery and there may be as many calls to expel them as there are calls in Israel to expel the Arabs.

God forbid, I am not arguing that Jews are evil or Christians are evil or Muslims are evil or blacks are evil or any group is superior or inferior to any other group. I’m just sketching what happens when a society develop a strongwe in-group identity.

What if the goy in America became obsessed with American nationalism? How kindly would he look at American Jews talking publicly about whether or not an American politician or policy is good for the Jews and good for the Jewish state? A nationalistic American would see many Jews as preoccupied with Jewish concerns rather than American concerns and so he might regard many Jews as alien and un-American.

As long as America retains its individualist Protestant-influenced way of looking at the world, the bad behavior of Jews and Muslims and blacks and latinos won’t be ascribed to the particular group but rather to a few bad apples. But if the goy takes great pride in his racial, religious or national identity, then all bets are off for the safety and well-being of minorities.

If the goyim are cohesive and unified and strong, they are going to look askance at strangers in their midst.

I don’t know why any country would want to import division (be it racial or religious). The more divided a country, the weaker it is. The more unified a country, the stronger it is.

I am not arguing any group is objectively superior or inferior. Unless you subscribe to religious faith, there are no good guys and bad guys in the universe, and there is no good and evil. There’s just a struggle for survival and reproduction.

One argument against my thoughts above is that if the goy gets too weak, then he is replaced with peoples far less friendly to Jews. Also, the strengthening of the goy’s Protestant identity does not have seriously negative consequences for Jews. It is likely good for Jews (even if it leads to a diminishment in Jewish power).

Steve Sailer writes about the English, and they serve in this case as a good analogy for how Jews have often operated:

Since the time of King Henry VIII, the English government worked for a “balance of power” (i.e., undermining Continental unity). England supported the second-strongest power on the Continent against the strongest. Thus, London backed Prussia against France during the Seven Years War’ of the mid–18th century and West Germany against the Soviet Union during the Cold War…

Whether or not the English preoccupation was good for the Continent is a different question. As John Keegan pointed out in his classic book The Face of Battle, England’s most famous battles, such as Agincourt, Waterloo, and the Somme, have been fought in the lowlands of northwestern Europe rather than in England. This has made the conduct of foreign policy rather more fun for the English than for everybody else. From the mainland perspective, perhaps the English have enjoyed the piratical advantage of picking and choosing their fights to maximize European disruption. (But then the victors have written most of the histories, so this viewpoint is little known in America.)

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