Why do sex workers discriminate against black men? This is outrageous. The government should do something.

How long can we abide such unrighteous discrimination? All prostitutes should be required by law to service an equal percentage of blacks as their general makeup of the population. And if they can’t afford it, they should get it free because of the Holocaust.

I think this is the civil rights issue of the century.

The Jew will never be free as long as the black man is discriminated against. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

Why hasn’t President Obama tackled this problem?

Archer86 writes: There’s a website called Backpage.com where you can find everything. On one section are escorts where you can break it down by specific city location. One day just teasing myself because I was horny as all unholy hell, I was browsing some of the local women in Indiana and Illinois and found quite a number of “escorts” who advertised: “No Blacks”, “Sorry, no African-Americans”, “No brothas” and so on. What’s worse is that even some black chicks placed the black man on the forbidden lists. The worst of all is that I never saw any other ethnic group prohibited by these women. I counted up in one city of 123 women, 34 refused to give service to blacks.


* I was watching documentary on prostitution. In there, those women did not want to sleep with black men either. They cited too much size. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a good fit is important. Now, there are plenty of women here who have the vaginal capacity to handle almost anything and I suspect there are escorts who can do the same.

* It could just be people being racist for no reason. Maybe they are not particularly attracted to black men and want to enjoy themselves as well. Maybe these women had a bad experience with a black man and don’t want to serve any more of them (though you could have a bad experience with anyone haha)

Maybe with what they usually have requests to do (oral, anal, whatever) they cannot accommodate men of larger sizes, and (I’ve never been with a black man) but people do say that they have the biggest d*cks.

It definitely seems strange, and there could be many reasons why they won’t serve black men (stupid reasons or otherwise), but at the end of the day, no one knows but them.

* Everyone is entitled to a preference, even personal escorts. It seems kind of dumb because they’re escorts and you’d think they just want to get it over with and get their money, regardless of what the guy looks like, but it happens.

Personally, I’m not into black guys either. I’m not racist. I have black friends and I treat them just as I do my white friends, but physically, I’m not attracted to most black guys. It’s just what I find attractive and what I find unattractive. You can’t deny that black guys are physically different from white men in facial structure.

* I read a book that said that mexican drug cartels wouldn’t sell heroin to blacks in a lot of areas, too. I was because they feared being killed by them. It may be that the hookers are around area where most blacks live in the inner city with high gang participation and crime rates.

It’s also likely that the gangs have their own prostitutes, as many do deal in that. The escorts may not want to take any chances of being forced into a different agency or of upsetting the wrong person by working in an area/with a customer/group that belongs to someone else.

Hooking isn’t about enjoying sex, it’s ONLY about money. The chicks bang guys they don’t find attractive as a job requirement. So the choice would be a business decision, not a sexual preference.

* Because you’re seen as disease-ridden, AIDS, disrespectful abusive types, and also cheap. I used to frequent a sex worker forum (no comment) and many of them would talk about how cheap black men are. they would complain often that many black customers would pay up front, and then snatch the money back when they were done having sex, basically stealing money from the prostitute and getting sex for free. Many of them really do not like younger black men because of the hip hop thing and you’re seen as ghetto, disrespectful lowlifes and are nasty. Even some black prostitutes say they don’t want to sleep with black customers and prefer other races because the money is better.

* I guess whites aren’t disease-ridden and don’t acquire AIDS. Must be great to be the superior race… give me a break… It is usually VERY easy to detect and/or spot a ghetto hood rat, oftentimes by the tone of his voice on the phone and his choice of attire. This is where skills of discernment come into play whereby gut feelings and an astute awareness will usually alert the sex worker as to who she’s dealing with. A black male who presents himself intelligently and uses the king’s English to communicate will most likely be very pleasant to deal with. As far as the “nasty” tag, that’s flat out racist. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve been in public restrooms and counted white men that exited a stall after grunting and groaning to push one out just to push the stall door open and walk out without washing his hands… anybody can be nasty. Those views need to be re-evaluated and reconsidered.

* It’s less to do with racist views than you’d imagine (which is why even some black women have this rule). It’s much more about CULTURE.

In “black culture” (i.e., urban/hip-hop culture), a culture where GETTING respect is an important keystone, GIVING respect is looked down upon, and that’s especially true for women. In this culture, women are routinely degraded, disrespected, and violence against women is accepted and even glorified.

And when dealing with honest-to-goodness whores, many black men feel that they have every right to treat them like crap. That may mean violence, it may mean attempting to steal them from their pimp, or refusing to pay/stealing back their money. It isn’t racism, but experience, that teaches them to avoid black men as customers, especially in certain areas of the country (you’ll note that you won’t find this rule everywhere).

I went to college to be an Audio Engineer, and I used to work in a venue that hosted all types of acts. This included big rock shows, metal shows, country shows, and even punk shows, but by FAR, the most dangerous shows were the R&B and hip-hop shows. They typically required triple the insurance, at least double the security, and there were still multiple incidents at every show. Not all of the people involved in these incidents were black, either, but they were all heavily involved and influenced by urban/hip-hop CULTURE, where respect of others is rarely given, where there is always an adversarial attitude towards authority, and where violence is used to solve even the smallest of problems or perceived slights, all in the name of “respect.”

The open market responded to these issues by charging more for the venue, requiring more insurance, requiring more security, requiring an on-site medical staff and sworn police officers, and so on. It’s not that the market was racist; they didn’t charge extra for Reggae acts, Jazz acts, or 50s/60s oldies acts with mostly all-black performers. But experience taught them that dealing with the black urban culture came with much higher risks, and so the prices went way up.

Prostitution is an equally open market, and it has likewise responded to the higher risk of dealing with men of this culture with it’s own rules and responses. It’s unfortunate that some folks get falsely grouped in with the problem elements, but at the end of the day, business is business, and risk vs. reward has to be observed.

* You leave them stretched out.

* They assume black men all have huge penises. It’s simply bad business. Kind of like renting a hotel room to a junkie – there is simply a risk that they will wreck the room making it difficult to rent out again.

Keep in mind that ‘escorts’ aren’t in it for the sex. They fake their enjoyment for your enjoyment. So a huge penis or anything ‘typically’ considered enjoyable to women is not their goal. Add that to anything that could risk putting them out of commission for a while, and you have your answer.

* Consider it a blessing, we shouldn’t be sleeping with these women anyways.

Two major reasons: 1) We will last the entire time, the goal of these girls is to make the client bust ASAP.

2) A lot of girls working for black men will be told not to mess with black men, strange but true.

* Because they always get scammed by black guys and black guys usually have no money in general?

* Sorry to burst your “Pretty woman” bubble..

But “preference” resides down towards the bottom in a long list of reasons for this phenomenon..

You have to understand the world these people choose to live in..

The basic premise is that the females’ body is a commodity..

These women who often have “managers”
Exchange this commodity for cash/tips

The amount of money required.. depends on the time/acts desired..

The “perfect” client for most of these women (who are often drug addicted and struggle with past abuse and esteem issues) is a client who requires the least amount of time for the most amount of money..

Regardless of race.. the men who frequent these women are referred to as “tricks” a VERY derogatory term..

The more ignorant and forthcoming with cash a trick is the more desirable he is as a client

Horrific things happen to these women during their foray into prostitution..

The least of which is an opportunist who robs a woman who generally won’t contact police or man who wants to enter a woman into his service (pimp)

It’s the pumps who manage these women.. or the women themselves that ad AA men to there list of clients who threaten there livelyhood.. add that to the fact that a virile make who wants to put high mileage on an item with a definite shelf life is more dangerous than a two pump chump who pays for a fantasy.

* Statistics on criminal activity. I’m no racist, one of my best friends is black, but he is openly aware and opposed to black culture, he is a highly intelligent graduate student in an “elite” scientific field. The self-degregating (excuse saturated) culture that continues to proliferate and segregate the African American community on their own terms continues to force a criminal mindset (mostly out of fear because they are raised under the assumption that police and the rest of the world is “racist”). The “providers” are not regulated (thus not subject under any equal-opportunity legislation) and therefore, and most likely out of fear, choose not to take any extra risk on themselves when they are already putting themselves at risk inherently by the choice of their profession.

* I don’t care, and I’ll come straight out and say that I seen many escorts in the past.(Im single, and i can do what the hell i want. If someone wants to judge me for it, whatever. We all have dirty secrets that we dont want people to know, so you ain’t any better than me. lol..) They all give me the same reasons when I ask why they don’t see black men. They tend to be rude and disrespectul, obnoxious and too rough of them. One girl named Char told me a story where she was robbed at gun point. Its not because their “dicks are too big” don’t try to throw that around! lol.. or because “they’re racist” because every girl i seen liked me, and I’m not white! These girls are still human beings, and they deserve the same respect anyone else does. Contrary to popular belief, they’re not all drug addicts and dirty whores.. theyre doing what they love, and need a living too. Obviously, this is a very good living, but also dangerous, and they do what they have to to protect themselves.

* One woman told me it’s the 3 Rs: Rape, Robbery and Really bad STDs.

* …after working for several years as a free land photographer and getting a bit of a niche in taking photos for these girls, I’ve gotten to know the industry pretty well. Most of the girls will not work for black men because of the standardized/stereotypical hip hop culture of young black men. They simply do not know how to treat women and generally are disrespectful as all hell. Young black men are told that women should be falling to their knees at a whim to service them, and the reality is most women wouldn’t get involved beyond a random, adventurous hookup. First hand I have photographed several young women who were beaten by black clients so the imagery could be turned over to the police (I was used as a local forensics photographer as well, fun times). It has absolutely nothing to do with dick size and has everything to do with how black men treat these women. Now most will entertain a mature black *gentleman* without hesitation, but in general deny services to black men just to protect against the disrespectful little shits that come out of the ghetto.

* It’s well known in the industry that black clients will beat up and rob the girls.

* I live in England, and I’ve seen that kind of discrimination too. Many prostitutes say it’s because they’ve had “bad experiences” with black men (which I guess means violence). If you look at UK online directories for escorts, you’ll see this quite often.

* If it were gay or trans discrimination, DoJ would be all over it.

REDDIT: What’s with the prejudice against black men? Are they really that bad as clients? I see it on practically every online ad. “No black men”. Is it their statistically higher rates of STDs? What gives?

* Absolute NO for providers is barebacking FS. If anyone asks, they are blacklisted. And of all the clients that have ever asked or tried to manipulate/trick me into BBFS, they were black men. That is enough to ban black men. Sorry.

* In this industry sometimes we have to generalize and stereotype when it comes to clients for safety reasons. For instance, if I don’t like the sound of my clients voice when we speak on the phone, I don’t see him. It costs me a lot of nice decent clients I’m sure, but if his voice makes me uncomfortable, then being around him will as well.
I used to not see black men, but in some scenarios I have spoken with a client, met with him and he turned out to be black (I don’t ever inquire about my clients race.) Even though I am not physically attracted to black men at all, I am ok with seeing them if they are clean cut and well spoken. If you call me and ‘sound black’ (thick ghetto accent, refer to me as boo, ask if you can holla at me….) I will hang up.

* I have been in the hobby for nearly 20 years and it depends. I have shown up for appointments and the providers freaks out and cancels when they see I’m a big black male. The same one that was articulate with good manners on the phone. I can only imagine many (not all) have had a bad experience at some point. Other I imagine are trying to avoid men that may run in their circles.
In Minneapolis I know there are a large number of West\East African men and their views on women.. well they are not very progressive. I have heard stories about how they treat their women. So here I see a LOT of “No Black Men”. Kinda lumps us all together.
The only time this “agitates me” is when I have to make a LONG trip (over an hour in traffic) for an appointment, I get there and she cancels. Sad but hey… life goes on.

* …many providers I have spoken to about it have had to cancel multiple appointments because of the dreaded “BBC” and how the man it is attached to had an ego to match. A couple have had to take extended breaks after the experience which didn’t sit well with their income or the possible partners in their personal life.

* i have asked some of the girls about this, and they told me it’s because they are cheap, (as anyone who has ever waited on them in a restaurant can tell you). also, they don’t like to wear rubbers, their dicks are too big and they hurt, and some of them try to become the girl’s pimp. of course not ALL blacks are the same, but let’s be realistic, in life you have got to play the percentages.

* Quote from a lovely young lady with whom I have been a client “They are cheap and their dicks are too big.”

* They are significantly more likely to be beaten and raped by black men then any other group.

* I was seeing Black women escorts and they preferred white men over black men. One of them told me “white men treat me better.” Came as a surprise to me also.

* It’s not that all black men are bad clients, it’s that more black men are bad clients than men of other colors. It’s not racism, it’s pragmatism.

* That is racism because they are assuming the next Black client will misbehave. Here’s the thing, when I’m on the phone. I raise my pitch, and I am polite. This way “I sound white.” as one provider told me as I walked in.
One hispanic provider told me she only opened the door because I was light skinned, yes she had the “no black men” on her ad. I went anyway, I’ve ignored it many times. To my knowledge, I am 100% negro. And it has worked every time.
I cum on their face, and then I leave.
It’s not racism, it’s prejudice, it’s not prejudice, it’s pragmatics, it’s not pragmatic ism, its realism. Keep it coming with your fallacies.
It’s racism, and that’s okay. Just don’t sugar coat it. That’s the only thing I find offensive about it because that’s an insult to everybody’s intelligence here.

* Its not in any way warm and fuzzy to be on the receiving side of racism, but to then out of spite behave like the Type of person providers try to avoid, is not helping one bit. When you speak politely on the phone, you do not sound white, you just sound like a decent and polite human being, the type that is not outright rejected. I have news for you. White people that behave disrespectfully also get rejected, and blacklisted. What can they blame it on?

HONEST COURTESAN: Even now, now, very now, an old black ram is tupping your white ewe. – William Shakespeare, Othello (I, i)

I couldn’t continue to call myself honest if I avoided a subject merely because it isn’t politically correct, and since I raised the subject in yesterday’s column it’s time to talk about it in full. Though I cannot speak for escorts in other cities, it is a fact that most of them in New Orleans dislike seeing black men. Please put aside your tired stereotypes about Southern racism before reading any further, because this aversion has nothing to do with bigotry and everything to do with the way many black men behave toward prostitutes. The strongest proof of this I can offer you is that while most white girls can be persuaded to see a black client if he is well-spoken and/or lives in an affluent neighborhood or stays in an expensive hotel, many black escorts will not see a black man under any circumstances; in the words of Tina (a simply gorgeous black girl who was Flavor of the Month for quite a while), “They’re too cheap, too rough and too full of themselves.”

Obviously, this isn’t true of all black men; I had several black regulars over the years (including a salesman who saw me about once a week for quite a while), and the only complaint I ever had about any of them was that one poor guy tried so hard to make himself agreeable to me that his skin always smelled and tasted like soap! But what about the rest of them? I’m afraid I have to agree with Tina; the majority do tend to be exactly as she described, and I think the reason they are that way has to do with their subculture. For reasons others are more qualified to analyze than I, the typical male role model for young black men is exaggeratedly masculine, physical rather than intellectual and tends toward violence; he is a sports star, a “gangsta” or a “bad-ass” action hero. And one doesn’t need to be a sociologist to recognize that this self-inflicted stereotype is related to a deep current of misogyny in the black community; it has become fashionable in recent years to blame “hip-hop” culture for all this, but that’s utter nonsense. The stereotype of black male physical prowess goes back as far as the legend of John Henry, the myth of the Negro as sexual superman goes back long before Mandingo, and the breakdown in gender relations in the black community started many years before anyone ever heard of “hip-hop”.

Because these warped ideals instill in young black men the notion that women will crawl to a “real man”, they come to believe that their maleness and sexual potency should be enough to attract all the women they want; this of course results in deep feelings of resentment when they find that it is no more true for them than for men of any other color. So when a black man (especially a young one) finds himself in the position of actually having to pay for sex, he is bound and determined to get as much for his money as possible in order to justify the expenditure. Their attitude is basically “If I’m going to pay for pussy, it had better be good!” Consequently, black men are well-known for trying to talk girls’ prices down and/or time requirements up, for trying to get every service they can think of included, and for using every last minute of the call in active sexual activity.

This resentment no doubt also fuels their excessive roughness; a man who is angry at a woman isn’t likely to treat her gently. The very fact that a woman has charged him is perceived as an insult to his masculinity and sexual potency, and this in turn engenders an “I’ll show her!” mentality. The typical black man seems to believe that the point of intercourse is to damage a woman’s sexual equipment as much as possible; I’ve heard more than a few of them say “I’m going to bust that pussy up!” and they constantly attempt to raise one’s legs up so as to penetrate as deeply as possible even if they’re already bottoming out. The most egregious example of this behavior is the bizarre technique I already mentioned in my column of August 16th, which involves the man constantly moving his hips from side to side, trying to enter the woman from as many different angles as possible, as though he were trying to distend or even puncture the vaginal walls. When the man who does this is of average size it’s merely uncomfortable, but if he is well-endowed it can be excruciating. And this, of course, brings us to Tina’s third complaint; if a woman can’t tolerate the pain of this strange activity and pulls away or asks him to stop, he concludes he is “too much man for her” and his ego is restored from the damage dealt by having to pay for what he needed.

I mentioned above that few black escorts would consent to see a black client, but it was rare that one ever got the chance to anyway; in the entire time I owned my service, I only once had a black client ask specifically for a black girl. Most of the time they ask for white girls, often for blondes, and occasionally for Asians, but never black girls. To a large degree white women represent a “forbidden fruit” to black men, something that was off-limits to them for a long time; and though society no longer prohibits interracial relationships a white sex partner still spells success to many black men, which is why so many wealthy ones (such as O.J. Simpson and Tiger Woods) marry white, usually blonde, women. Those who don’t request white women generally express no color preference at all; I suspect these are mature and experienced enough to have learned of the way hookers feel about black men and don’t wish to limit their chances of getting a woman to see them.

In my experience, intelligent black men do their best to offset the stereotype by being as generous and appreciative as possible; one of my favorite mid-career regulars was such a man. When I first spoke to him I was not even aware that he was black; he lacked either the dialectal accent or the characteristic vocal timbre of a black man. He lived in a large and beautiful house in an affluent section of town, and when he opened the front door the first words out of his mouth were, “I forgot to mention on the phone that I’m black, so if you don’t want to stay I’ll understand and pay your cancellation fee.”

I replied, “There’s a vast difference between a gentleman who happens to be black and a hoodlum from the projects.”

He was visibly relieved and said “I’m glad you feel that way; a lot of escorts don’t.”

Since it was obvious to me that he was an intelligent, reasonable man who would not be offended, I explained why many of them felt that way and added, “But you accepted my price without argument and it’s clear you don’t have an overinflated ego, so I don’t think you’ll be rough either.” He promised he would not be, and indeed he wasn’t.

As his house suggested, he was quite wealthy; he owned several fast-food restaurants around town, so he could afford to call me fairly often, and sometimes he tipped me with certificates for free food at his restaurants (which I appreciated, since I enjoyed that chain). He was a gentle, considerate lover who never did that weird hip-swiveling thing, and rather than insist on filling every minute with physical activity he enjoyed lying with me and talking afterward. There was not a trace of misogyny in his character, either; he respected my intelligence and would talk to me about an independent study he was making in order to expand into another business. He even took the trouble to let me know when he became seriously involved with a woman so I wouldn’t wonder why he had stopped calling me, and though I always hated to lose a good client I was certainly happy he had found someone to share his life with.

Whores are the most pragmatic of all women; I can assure you that if more black men were like this client most of them would have no more issue with black men than with white ones. I said at the beginning that I don’t know for sure that working girls in cities other than New Orleans feel the same way about black clients, but I suspect they do because the norms of American black culture which give rise to the offensive behaviors are the same all over this country, and I never noticed a difference between locals and tourists. If New Orleans Ladies are more sensitive to the problem than our sisters elsewhere, it is most likely because the city had a black majority and thereby offered more opportunity to discover it.

MODERN MANDINGO: A few bad apples can spoil the bunch, especially if those apples are black.

Discrimination against Black men is a common theme in the sex worker industry and there are many reasons for why it exists.

If you peruse the ads of female escorts, it’s normal to see them list their catering preferences towards a Gentleman or an Upscale Gentleman, in hopes of attracting clientele of a higher economic and social status. No Blocked Calls or Texts is another common restriction to screen anonymous callers or people who want to trade pictures and have lengthy text conversations that would be a waste of the worker’s time. And aside from mentions of things that should be part of a normal person’s daily hygienic regimen (a shower, fresh breath) there’s the list of services they will and won’t do.

Then it becomes racial.

No Black Men.

No African-Americans.

No Black Men Under 40.

I Don’t Date Black Men.

Sometimes there’s a ‘sorry’ at the end of the chosen disclaimer to lessen the blow of racial bias, but the apology doesn’t reduce the sting of discrimination for a decent Black man who wants nothing more than sexual satisfaction.

LINK: Sometimes it’s fun looking through your local backpage escort listings to see what the whores look like in your area. Maybe you recognize one as a dancer at your local club. One thing I’ve noticed is a lot of the prostitutes, 40-50%, say they refuse to see African-Americans or black men in their listings. It is not just the white or Hispanic escorts, even black hookers say things like “no black men”. So why don’t whores want business from a chocolate customer? Why the war on black men?

The Soapbox: What Online Prostitution Taught Me About Racism
by The Frisky

…That’s why I researched online prostitution in New York City for my college thesis. With the help of websites like Backpage.com and Craigslist.com, I became acquainted with the underground sex industry, where the value of a woman is in plain sight. Her worth is advertised without a hint of political correctness. No excuses are made about class, schooling or occupation. Every woman is simply a scantily-clad commodity who, with the click of a mouse, is deemed wanted or unwanted for purchase.

Although the playing field is leveled in that regard, race manages to be the biggest dividing line between the women who are highly prized and those who are practically worthless. I learned that online men are willing to pay the highest premium for “whiteness.” This is evident in the word choices white women use to self-advertise. The sex workers who charge the highest fees describe themselves as “blue-eyed,” “blonde,” “brunette,” “the girl next door,” “the Playboy-type,” or simply a “white girl.” Occasionally, white women refer to themselves as “hot” or “busty,” but more often they are “All-American.” These are the Barbies: perfect by definition and valuable.

Women of color, on the other hand, know that being black offers them very little bargaining power in the market. To compete in the online sex industry, black women use references to their assets to distinguish themselves from other minority women by describing themselves as having a “big booty,” being a “freak,” “exotic,” “mixed,” “curvy,” a “video-vixen,” “Caribbean,” “juicy,” “delicious” or “nasty.” I searched for descriptions that read anything along the lines of “All-American, black girl next door.” I didn’t find a single one in my research, nor do I expect to.

Escort Etiquette – I: Are Escorts Racist Against Black Men?

Over the years – and before I starting banging escorts – I have observed that many of the most elegant escorts, regardless of ethnicity, are not black male friendly. I have seen many ads which state “No black men”, “No black men under 30”, “No black men under 40”, “No thugs”, “Upscale gentlemen only”… You get the point. I have had several 5-star ladies this past summer and it turned out to be one of my best summers. Because I am highly discriminative myself, especially seeing how ugly-to-mediocre women get so much undeserved attention, in addition to witnessing women playing ugly games with men in the dating scene (especially on social networks), I can relate.

Granted, a percentage beautiful escorts actually lust black men while others don’t care about the guys’ ethnicity. As in this arena, it’s not about racism, but green-ism. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it ‘racism’, but essentially having standards. And I can understand, because for me, it takes a lot for me to like a black woman. Most black females are fucked up and I’m sure many will agree. Why are some of these women not too excited about black men? Well, the reasons vary. In many cases, brothers bring it on themselves.

The most commonplace excuses for black-male rejection is that many black guys are, by their own admission, ghetto. This includes acting extremely childish and immature and those who happen to be well-known braggarts (playing the numbers game), thieves, thugs, drug-addled, hygienically unconscious, not being groomed and are cheap, thus wanting too much for too little. Understandable, many people witness young black men doing stupid shit and it doesn’t stop there. Negative attention is also drawn due to simple over-exuberant acts, such as guys going to nightclubs throwing money in the air (an act called ‘making it rain’). I admit that, unfortunately – and not to stereotype – there are handfuls of black males who do fall in these categories, particularly if they reside in a major city. And it’s always one idiot or group of idiots who fuck it up for everyone else. Not to say that it is fair, but in life, what is? For this, there are even very few black escorts who will refuse to service black men.

Peculiarly, some of the women have boyfriends who are afraid they may lose their girlfriend to another man who is sexually superior to him. Speaking of which, I met a pretty Middle Eastern girl at an airport coming from a trip to Florida in the Summer, 2012. Turns out, she was an escort. “I don’t like niggas as my customers”, she stated. I ask why, as I found it rather odd since the love of her life is a black guy, who is currently in prison for murder. “They want too much for too little, they are too needy, they try to cheat you and they end up falling in love with you and I’m not looking for that.” Later, she admitted that most of the guys who frequent her are – as she put it – disgusting – and let’s face it, most female sex workers do feel that more than half of the men who frequent them are humans in their lowest form, though they have high-end professions. They are, without reasoning, labeled as “fat, hairy, ugly, stinking motherfuckers” while others sneak contraceptives off and hell-bent on taking pictures, making the ladies’ work stressful. She mentioned, “If I got with a black guy, it would be for the orgasm, because the other guys can never give me that. So, I just focus on taking their money.”

Another common excuse relies heavily on the stereotype of black men having large penises. A white escort may say “He’ll stretch me out and make me sore and I’ll have to take a week off. Black men are so rough and they’ll cause me to lose money.”

* Discrimination and Denial: Systemic Racism in Ontario’s Legal and Criminal Justice System, 1892-1961

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