What Professor Gates Did to President Obama

Joe emails: What Madoff did to sully the otherwise sterling reputation of Jews in money management is nothing compared to what Professor Gates has done to make Obama look like a total zero.

If you want to know how middle america, which has about as much to do with black people as Luke Ford has to do with a put together jewish girl with a set of naturals, thinks of black people, watch colin powell. White people love Colin Powell. Colin Powell’s success says to white people, hey, we ruined the lives of like 20 million blacks by enslaving them, but we are nice now, and the proof is that this Colin Powell who is smart went through our military, our political structure, and has succeeded wildly, even though he is, you know, black.. If we were still racists, he would not be where he was. And the proof is that Colin Powell never even mentions he is black or uses it to his advantage in any way because he is so simpatico with us whites, cause after all, we are just peachy with the blacks.

Colin Powell is not a pissed off black guy, I do not even think Colin Powell knows that he is black. Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama in the election was really a huge thing. It said to alot of whites, hey, you can trust this black guy, he is actually like me, just super competent and intelligent, and forget that he is actually a chip on his shoulder black guy with more ideology and racial baggage in his closet than Michael Jackson has prescription drugs.

So now Colin Powell has spoken on the Gates matter and gave the final opinion – Gates is an idiot. Gates hates white cops, he thinks that his blackness entitles him to something special, and all in all, the guy is what is wrong with america and race.

And who is on the other side. Obama. There is now this building meme on Obama – he is an ideologue, living outside of reality. He has biases and he is not jesus christ.

Yes, he inherited an economy in complete freefall and what does he do, he sets congress loose on cap and trade, health care reform and a stimulus package because that is what his ideology is. Unlike Clinton, who correctly ditched health care to focus on the economy (and the guy balanced the budget and got two terms), Obama is committed to his ideology, and screw the consequences.

Well, the american people cannot stomach their health insurance and smoke stack industry being messed with while everyone they know loses their jobs. They also cannot take a black guy going after a white cop in a way that Colin Powell says is wrong.

Look for Obama to sink below 50% on personal approval over the summer – and the taking of a luxury vacation during a depression hearkens back to George H.W. Bush tooling around on his yacht in the middle of a recession.

For Israel, the timing was just in time. Obama is losing his political capital faster than Rob Eshman is losing any sort of respectability for the Jewish Journal by using it as a left wing rag. Obama will as much be able to push Israel around as Pete Rose will get in the Hall of Fame as anything other than a janitor.

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