The Female Life Cycle Theory Of Game

From the Chateau: Although the sexual nature of women never fundamentally changes, there do happen over the course of a lifetime environment- and age-conditioned… accommodations… to sexual market realities that subtly modify women’s romantic needs. As such, there are different schools of Game a man should know which are tailored to the life cycle stage a woman inhabits.

Helpfully generalizing, women go through three major romantic life cycles:

Passionate Love

This is the age — from teenager to mid-20s — when a woman is in her nubile prime. Physically and emotionally she is at her horniest, her most feminine, and, not coincidentally, her most discriminating. She’s on the prowl for an alpha male, and specifically for a charming jerkboy whose devil-may-care attitude speaks so forcefully to her deep desire to submit to a top tier man with limitless lover options.

Commitment Love

During this age window — late 20s to late 30s — a woman is powerfully aware of the beginning of decline in her number one asset: her beauty. Physically, she is noticing small changes in herself — the first nascent signs of decay — that, assessed from a distance relative to womanhood as a whole aren’t so horrifying, but compared to what she was herself just a few years earlier will split her id wide open. Urgency compels her (if she’s psychologically healthy) to escape the single lady lookatme scene and start seriously buckling down to achieve the goal of snagging a man who will commit to her and, hopefully, help her become part of a family. Naturally, this pressure to settle limits her options and the longer she waits, the more her “Mr. Right” will deviate from the Mr. Right of her teenage dreams.

Partner Love

The final romantic life cycle for women (ages 40-death), this stage is the longest and, sadly from the perspective of one who adores women when they are at their most womanish, the dreariest, though it does offer as consolation a tranquilizing serenity that can safely usher a woman through her middle years without resort to painkillers. In this cycle, a woman still harbors those tingles for the alpha jerk, but they are sufficiently suppressed by biomechanic winding-down and stone cold circumstance — her wilted bloom — to allow the flourishing of her other female needs. Those other needs center around her desire to a) not be abandoned to a cold cruel sexual market and b) enjoy at least facsimiles of reciprocal love so that she does not feel abandoned within her relationship.

Here we come to the Female Life Cycle Theory of Game.


Jerkboy Game

This is the Game a man will want to make a part of his identity if his romantic audience is the choicest of fillies. Jerkboy Game is the perfect complement to a woman’s Passionate Love. When a woman is at the pinnacle of her “female-ness”, she requires the ministrations of a man at the peak of his alpha-ness. And by alpha-ness, I mean more than high T physical bravado; your personality has to be full of brash confidence and outcome independence, to convey that you have a plate full of inquiring femmes.

When Game denialists and Niceguy propagandists shriek about the hazards of Jerkboy Game, they are seeing it through the eyes of an older woman who doesn’t need to be wooed with so heavy a jerk hand, or through the eyes of a beaten-down beta male who seeks to justify his time wasted in the parched hinterland of courtship sycophancy as an effective strategy bringing him closer to romantic fulfillment.

Relationship Game

As the age of the women that a man dates increases, the jerkboy quotient of his Game decreases. Why? Because too much of an alpha lovelord will intimidate past-prime women keeping a sharp eye out for men who are good long-term relationship prospects. The mid-30s woman loves the idea of passionate love as much as the 20 year old woman, but she also loves more the idea of relationship love that isn’t constantly tested by heady, tingle-erupting, ovarian-rattling disruption. The Dread Game that you successfully deployed to maintain the flow of barely legal slice will emotionally shatter the mimosa ladies brunching on borrowed time.

For the Commitment Love woman, you’ll want to ease up on the jerkboy gas and hit the “small tokens of love and commitment” cruise control. Search the Chateau archives for “relationship game” to give yourself an idea of what it means to walk the line between charming lover and loving check-writer.

Reassurance Game

After her 30s, a woman is a wilting flower. But she’s not dead. The stalks and leaves still grow, and need nourishment. And her ego — the taproot of her soul — is more fragile than ever, susceptible to all sorts of blight. Regular watering and sunshine in the form of Reassurance Game will be the main staple of your romantic interventions.

This is the time of a woman’s life when Game, ironically, is easiest for appeasing beta males accustomed to a lifetime of orbiting pretty girls to supply a shoulder for them to cry on about their badboy lovers, and most elusive to incorrigibly ZFG alpha males accustomed to a lifetime of withholding cuddles and compliments to be rewarded with endless streams of juicy poon.

It’s funny in its way; the beta male FINALLY has his moment to shine with women, to exploit his God-given talents at pedestalizing the pussy for maximum gain, and it happens to be when those women are at their least bangable. O Fortuna!

And the alpha males who can’t quite get a handle on what it takes to reassure a woman she’s still a “beauty in his eyes”? If they’re single, they don’t lose out on much. If they have a family, then failing at Reassurance Game could mean divorce, alimony, child support… basically a suite of really sucky consequences.

So all three Female Life Cycle Game schools are crucial to a man’s journey to God-Emperor status.

Jerkboy Game for the incomparably sweet vagina.

Relationship Game for the rock solid stewardship of a deeply loving commitment to woman and family.

Reassurance Game to avoid a royal screwing by the State and incessant nagging at home.

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