Harvard Prof Skip Gates Upset Policeman Did Not Recognize Him

Dennis Prager said on his radio show today (first hour): The President made things worse by commenting on it. He should’ve said, I don’t have all the facts, and end it there. Nobody would criticize you. I strongly doubt the President has spent a lot of time reading up on this.

I said from the beginning: Prof. Gates’s ego was hurt when somebody didn’t know him.

By and large, nobody cares we have a black president. We care about his policies. This is disturbing to liberals. They want to believe that racism is still a major factor in American life. That the average American does not believe that just shows how racist they are.

Nobody has given any evidence yet that this incident was racist.

There is a condescension among the liberal elite towards police and the military. They believe that the less impressive become police or join the military. Remember what John Kerry said in 2004? You better study hard to go to college or you’ll end up in Iraq.

The really impressive teach medieval architecture. The college professor is on a higher level according the liberal mind even though the average college professor in the liberal arts has done one-one thousandth of the good for society as the policeman and American military.

I adore the title "professor." I am an intellectual. If all the professors in the liberal arts went on strike for six months and the military went on strike for six months and the police went on strike for six months, who would we suffer the least from? One could argue that if all the professors of liberal arts went on strike for six months we’d have a net benefit because of the growth of common sense.

The Wall Street Journal editorialized:

Mr. Obama has a point about history, but we’re not sure that an episode in an upscale neighborhood involving one of America’s most privileged individuals illustrates anything except a misunderstanding. Mr. Gates lives in a city with a black mayor, a state with a black governor and a country with a black President. The dispute was arguably about town-gown relations rather than race. If this is a teaching moment, one lesson is that it’s usually better to cooperate during encounters with law enforcement so that matters don’t escalate needlessly. And if a cop asks you to step out on the porch, or away from your car, it’s probably because he’s concerned for his own safety.

Mr. Obama’s broadside against local cops sends the wrong message to Americans of every race about how to respond to misunderstandings with police. His comments may also do more to aggravate than alleviate tensions between police officers and the minority communities they serve.

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