Trump Breaks The Rules

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* One thing that Trump did in this campaign, that has been little noticed or remarked upon, was to break the polite gentleman’s rule that you don’t make an issue of the other candidate’s funding sources. Trump said, flat out, that Jeb Bush was “owned” by his donors. This could be huge, or rather “yuge”. Would he be willing to say to Hillary in a national debate: “You are George Soros’ favorite candidate. He has spent millions of dollars to get you elected. What is it that he expects to get in return for that? The American people have a right to know. Tell us.”

* Shorter Jim Vandehei: We need a third party to give a voice to voiceless disenfranchised destitute Jewish billionaires, because the two we have doing that aren’t enough.

* I can just imagine Mark Zuckerberg, America’s sweetheart, out there campaigning before crowds of 25,000 and more, telling them how he’s going to lay them off and replace them with cheaper immigrants from India and Pakistan. With his personal charm and that winning message, he’d be huuuge!

I’m listening to the audio of Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble, by Dan Lyons. He describes the Silicon Valley billionaires and wanna-be billionaires as people who saw the Aspergery, conniving, backstabbing little prick at the heart of Social Network and thought, “I want to be that guy.”

* A third world “West” will be a disaster, a disaster unparalleled in modern history, a true regression to a hellish mean. It would be horrible for the West, the World, Jews, Gentiles, Israel. Just thinking of a Muslim France controlling the French nuclear arsenal should horrify anyone. It should especially horrify Israel.

But as for Israel, comments like that of Ruth Marcus are par for the course in Israeli public life, and are meaningless. To an opposition party, Israel is always “verging” on a trajectory of a disaster and although Israel was “verging” on slipping to a third world economy (according to Marcus), somehow Israel never actually got on that trajectory. You will note that that article was written in 2012. Since then the Israeli economy has continued to grow nicely, and Kadima, Marcus’s party, has zero seats in the Knesset. And deep down the Israelis do not mind the incredibly high ultra birth rate, they simply want to turn the ultra Orthodox into working and fighting citizens. But the birth rate they like. The ultra Orthodox Ashkenazi population, once you shave their beards, has a high potential.

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