Steve Sailer’s Rabbit Died


* Rabbits are fantastic animals and companions.

We had one for nine years; presently we have five-year old doe. She’s a litter-trained house rabbit. She’s incredibly intelligent — rabbits are not nearly as stupid as some people think they are — and she’s got a very rich personality. When we come home from work she’ll roll over on her back and do a “happy flop.” She comes charging out to greet me every single morning when she hears me wake up. Nobody has ever been happier to see me than her!

(I feel bad for some of the ignored, hutched rabbits out there who do not get human attention — they’re really quite social.)

* Whenever you have a pet you know you will see it die and you know you have a responsibility to let it die comfortably. This is absolutely not the way animals die in nature, which is cruel and without any mercy.

The first cat I had to put down – kidney problems, I carried on until he started to howl – I brought to the vet. The issue is, the cat was terrified of the vet so I basically saw him die terrified [1]. I learned from that, had a vet come over for other animals that had to be put down [2].

It goes to show that there is no such thing as an animal right. Rights are typical human behaviour. But there certainly is a human responsibility toward animals.

[1] It is not entirely true, he was given a calming shot first. But I learned my lesson there.
[2] My rule of thumb is: Be there before the hard suffering starts.

* If this is an absurdist critique of pop culture hysteria over the death of a drug addled degenerate then bravo, brilliant.

* When my daughters brought home a kitten I studiously ignored it, because I am not a cat person. Eight years later when he died, I cried, real tears. He had attached himself to me and I to him. A furry presence to keep me company and listen to my opinions on whatever. Steve, sorry for your loss.

* I’m impressed that Trump has seemed to manage to get a positive article written about him in the NY Times.

The comments likewise are illuminating, and generally pretty positive on Trump.

Trump is obviously pivoting to the general election, and he seems so far to be doing a very good job of it, coming off as far more moderate than any recent Republican candidate.

I’ve always felt that Trump would blow a lot of minds in a debate against Hillary by attacking her not infrequently from the left, such as on our crazy wars in the ME.

He seems to be commencing the process earlier than I had expected — though not a moment too soon if he wants to get elected.

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