Why Can’t Jews Have Safe Spaces?

Why can’t Jews have communities where they can be free from Palestinian attacks? The only way to do that is to have communities from Palestinians.

Why should not all Israel be free from Palestinian attacks? The only way to do that would be to ban all Muslism from the Jewish state.

The Muslim state of Saudi Arabia has no problem banning non-Muslims from many of its sacred spaces. Why can’t the Jewish state do the same?



Why can’t all peoples have safe spaces? Why can’t the Japanese have spaces free of non-Japanese? Why can’t Tibetans have spaces free of non-Tibetans? Why can’t whites have neighborhoods free from non-whites? If gentiles want to have social clubs and hotels free from Jews, why should not the goyim have safe spaces?

Saudi Arabia’s set-up of banning non-Muslims from sacred spaces does not bother me in the least. Saudi Arabia’s decision to ban the practice of Judaism and Christianity on its soil is fine with me too. In this case, I think the Saudis are shining the light. Distinctive civilization requires exclusion. Let’s do such things the Saudi way.

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