The Wisdom Of John Rivers

John Rivers tweets:

* Trannies impose large externalities on the rest of society.
The discomfort they make others feel is a form of pollution.

* We discovered Sex Chromosomes over a hundred years ago.
Yet our Ruling Cult insists Gender is a Social Construct.
We’re going backwards.

* You know you are living inside a Cult, when you are forced to deny basic facts about the natural world.

* I Science a lot, that’s why I don’t believe in Sexual Dimorphism.
Gender is a Social Construct.
We’re all the Same!



* If Yao Ming wakes up tomorrow and decides he’s a 5 ft tall Black Woman, then he’s a 5 ft tall Black Woman. #Science

* There are only two sexes: male & female.
The Ruling Cult is dragging us into a new Dark Age w/ their superstitions.


* #ItsTimeToThrowOut Democracy


* “Trump” in chalk violates people’s “safe space” but a man in a dress in the bathroom next to my daughter doesn’t violate hers.

* The Modern Left now accepts less Biology than an 18th century farmer.

* Historian in 1922 about Islam:


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