Who Will Be The American People?

Comment: The American people must choose: Who will be the American people?
This was a critical question before the Civil War. The USA was created by people from Great Britain. But the plutocrats who owned plantations wanted something more. They got rich from an underclass of slave workers brought from Africa. They wanted to grow the underclass and spread it across the continent.
Most voters opposed the plutocrats and wanted slavery contained, to be abolished later. But both major parties favored the plutocrats. The frustrated voters turned out the incumbent party in every presidential election from 1840 through 1852. Finally desperate voters created a 3rd party specifically to contain slavery (Free Soil) for the 1848 election. But the plutocrats still got what they wanted, including the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, and after the next election the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1854. The eventual resolution was war.
Now again the plutocrats want to grow their profits by growing a low-paid American underclass, this time mainly from Latin America. Again most voters want this practice contained, but both parties favor the plutocrats. That didn’t work in the 1850s and it won’t work now.

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