Is It Easier To Sell Nationalism Or Globalism?


* I would disagree that Open Borders is a tough sell. Rather, it is an EASY one and Nationalism and ethno-centrism a very tough one. The dominant feature of Western White life is the Seinfeld effect — the complete influence of an urban elite concentrated in just a few cities, where mating and job/career opportunities center on trivial but massively influential “rules” that amount to virtue signaling and Calvinist ideas of a God-chosen elect. Who can be seen by their success.

“Only a loser” would care about “took our jobs” per South Park; the hip and successful people welcome the Third World right to their neighborhood (in reality in other people’s working/middle class neighborhoods). And by hitting universal gullible White Nice Altruism, i.e. the sucker bait tendency of many Midwestern Whites with Calvinist ideas of loserdom and success, Open Borders was a bottom up phenom which is why it took Donald Trump to try and fail, really, to capitalize on Nationalism.

Having a nation state is incompatible with White Calvinism and Status-mongering and gullibility regarding Third World Grifters. It is in part a genetic failure neatly matching that of the Third World to build anything resembling a decent society where people would want to live.

* Immigration is buffer against the Negroes.

When whites had lots of babies, like during boom era, and could use race-ist policies, Negroes were kept in check. But once race-ist policies were terminated and Negroes continued to have lots of kids, immigration was the only effective way to create safe spaces for white elites, especially in cities. I’ve often seen cases of black town – brown town -white town. Immigration walls have been lowered. But immigrants themselves as demographic walls between blacks and whites.

Elites got lots of buffers.

* The article you linked finishes by referring to the “Trump Effect” as the reason politicians like Ted Cruz are finally giving the right answers about immigration and the resulting cheap labor.

The Trump Effect is another example of leadership. When everyone follows your lead, you are a leader.

Many dairy farms used to be 100-head, family operations, like the one a dear friend of mine used to own, until corporate farming turned the whole thing into “2,800″ cows and so forth. That questioner in Cruz’s audience was not some old, stereotypical American farmer; he was a corporate manager who benefits from cheap, imported, Mexican labor.

My friend and his family milked and cared for their own cows and took care of their own farm. They sold the milk at fair market prices everyone could afford. (Milk has never been expensive or scarce in the United States! Even without cheap, Mexican labor.) That farm had been in their family since just after the Revolutionary War. They were forced to sell because they couldn’t compete against people like your friendly audience member there.

Be careful what you believe.

* The fact that mainstream Republicans support open borders demonstrate it’s driven not by ideology but by other factors. That of Wall Street and the Chambers of Commerce.

In regards to the wealthy – almost of all of them seem to be in lockstep – open borders is a must have. It doesn’t matter if they are newly minted Silicon Valley billionaires or old WASP East Coast Brahmins they are in agreement.

For all intents there are no real political parties in the U.S. all we have are two major front groups for the monied class that calls the shots behind the scenes and who owns the MSM, which is their megaphone to get the establishment message out to the masses.

Trump pretty much exposed it when in the first debate heopenly stated he gives lots of money to people on both sides of the isle to gain influence and access. It was quite interesting no one touched that statement after he said it.

Also the mass disenfranchisment of Colorado GOP voters by the party bosse via executive fiat demonstrated that RepresentativbeDemocracy is quite the joke to the elite. Heck the way the parties are structured and the delegate system, it’s mostly to make sure the wrong kind of candidate goes nowhere.

* Ted Cruz admitted he applied to Princeton and HLS as an Hispanic. Political reporter Mark Halperin took heat for asking un-PC questions like this to Cruz a year ago when Cruz started running for President. Oh, yes yes, Alan Dershowitz said he was his most brilliant student, along with Cruz’s friend, a Jamaican immigrant who was also one of Dershowitz’s most brilliant.

* Japan is a technological and industrial First World superpower with high wages and salaries attributable to its refusal to admit tens of millions of alien affirmative action beneficiaries, wage suppressors, and ethnic hostiles and ineducable unassimilables.

* The beneficiaries of high-skilled immigration in competition with native talent are big business and the immigrants themselves. H1-B visa holders are, at their very best, no better than American graduates. Therefore, high-skilled immigration is a scam defrauding generations of American taxpayers invested in public education and public goods, college borrowers, and the ancestors whose several hundred years of progress and sacrifice for their descendants.

* Immigration’s one of those things that hurts the populace and helps elites on both sides–on the right by cutting labor costs, on the left by stoking ethnic divisions–so it tends to prosper in a system ruled by money, such as ours. You see the same corrupt bargain in Europe–when the working class began to drive wages up through unions, the businessmen brought in immigrants to drive down wages. Pitting native and foreign working classes against each other is a nice side effect.

* Japan’s GDP per capita was $32,500 in 1991. It was $37,500 in 2014. Japan was – and is – one of the richest countries on earth.

Oh, and a 100 years from now, Japan will be inhabited by the great grandchildren of the people living on that island today. Who will inhabit your town, state and country at that time?

* The important thing is that Cruz habitually copies Trump. (Right down to the presidential-looking flags and accoutrements now behind him during appearances. Not as many “TrusTed” banners anymore.) He’s drafting in behind the leader, as in a foot race, trying to use his energy. This serves the establishment’s interest in slowing down Trump. Your positive comment about him proves their strategy is working.

There is no hope for a Cruz presidency; the party and powers do not want one, nor would you. He belongs on the Supreme Court as a strict constructionist. Perhaps Trump could offer him a future nomination during the deal-making at the convention.

* Why was there the impetus in the US, Canada, and Australia to change their immigration policies all within 3 years of each other in the 60s?

* So when did interacial couples first become the vogue in TV? I remember 90s TV shows like Dawson’s Creek, Days of our Lives, Melrose Place, Buffy, and Baywatch where the white female characters were paired with characters of the same race, even music videos of bands like N Sync, BBmak, and Backstreet Boys which were aimed at teens did not have interracial scenes, it was more the British groups in the 90s like Solid Harmonie and Spice Girls that had a multiracial cast.

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