John Podhoretz’s Descent Into Jewish Policing

Charles Johnson writes: has been observing Commentary Magazine John Podhoretz’s descent into Jew policing and madness for quite some time now. But the person who has been really accelerating it is Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump, the father of two Jewish-(ish) daughters, is supposedly a closet anti-Semite! And the Jews that support him (or at least try to understand him and his supporters) aren’t real Jews, of course. His Jewish Catholic campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his Jewish policy advisor Steve Miller must not understand what Podhoretz understands about the man they worked for.

Lately, though, Podhoretz has gone on a tear accusing anyone and everyone of being insufficiently Jewish or anti-Semitic.

Podhoretz incredibly accused fellow Jew Mytheos Holt of not being Jewish on Twitter after Holt wrote an article about the rise of Trump and his voters.

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OK,kid, I have no idea what you're saying here and neither do you, so go back to winning over white nationalists now

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) April 1, 2016

Is Mytheos Holt a Jew? went looking and emailed Mytheos’s aunt and mother. And, lo and behold, his Auntie Jo and his very Jewish mother says he is.

Here’s the aunt’s response:

Yes it is weird!

Yes Mytheos is my nephew and yes he is Jewish! I think I may have seen that post on Facebook!

Have a good night J

Here Holt’s mother:

I can positively confirm that my son is Jewish. We are Jewish as many generations back, on both sides, as I am aware of generations in my family. As far as I am aware, there is no one in the generations who is not Jewish. As I am his mother, his Jewishness is based on my religion, as you probably are aware. I was confirmed in the Jewish faith at Temple Beth Israel in Phoenix, Arizona, as was my sister, Jo Trust. Although my sister’s 2 sons were Bar Mitvah’ed. Myth was not, as I have become rather secular. [Editor’s note: Mytheos says he had informal one, who cares.] But, he was raised to embrace and be proud of his Jewish heritage, which he is. Please let me know if you need any other information to confirm that Mytheos is indeed Jewish.

Podhoretz attacked Joel Pollak merely for working at a publication that published a think piece on the rise of the alt-right (written by a half Jewish British queer and a half Pakistani-Brit).

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The idea that any Jew would still work at Breitbart after its piece on the alt-Right beggars the imagination. Do you hear me, @joelpollak?

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) March 31, 2016

Pollak, with characteristic class, responded well to Podhoretz’s swipe.

(We didn’t all inherit jobs, John.)

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Is that you Rabbi @jpodhoretz? What totalitarian tripe. The Talmud debates great diversity of views. As do I. @Nero

— Joel Pollak (@joelpollak) March 31, 2016

Podhoretz continued to harass Pollak and Holt on Twitter. He also attacked another Jew and Breitbart CEO Larry Solov for daring to publish something about the alt-right. You know, sometimes it seems as if Podhoretz backs censorship or shaming his people.

Holt and Pollak aren’t the first to get the Podhoretz treatment.

In 2006 Phillip Weiss wrote an interesting missive about an unsolicited email from Podhoretz that attacked his Judaism.

Commentator Mike Cernovich is right.

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Jews v. SJWs is going to be a big cultural fight. Media doesn't know how to cover it yet.

— Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) March 22, 2016

Alas, anyone who has done anything of interest on the internet has come in for attack by Podhoretz.

I reported on the Ebola scare of 2014 and came under fire again. You’ll note he was looking for the way to purge me with Josh Barro, son of the famed economist, who I’m sure has his job entirely on merit.

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@jbarro I honestly don't know

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 4, 2014

Podhoretz first called me a mentally ill monster after I reported how James Foley had converted to Islam before ISIS decapitated him and that I didn’t feel sympathy for him as he was being beheaded.

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Once again, Charles C. Johnson proves he is one of the worst people on Earth–calling a beheaded man a shill. May God forgive you. I won't.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 27, 2014

The New York Times later confirmed my reporting about Foley’s conversion — it wasn’t forced but come to naturally — but Podhoretz didn’t care. He had already slimed me.

And he wasn’t even original about it. He calls everyone a “monster” if his Twitter feed is any indication though when I called him on that he called me a “sick fuck.”

class="twitter-tweet" data-width="500">

Charles Johnson is a disgusting monster and no one should ever give him a nickel again. You unimaginable filth.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) August 20, 2014

Now he’s lecturing me about the meaning of words and about tone. Oh my.

He’s accused me of being a “Trumpkin theoretician” — I support Ted Cruz for president — and compared me to Adolph Hitler peddling the “Big Lie” by referencing the dual meaning of “faggot.” (Do you even Internet bro?)

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It's no wonder Trumpkin theoreticians like Chuck Johnson say words don't mean what they mean. That's the essence of the Big Lie game.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) April 2, 2016

Hey, John, guess what. My kin fought to liberate two continents and preserved the peace — they won the awards and built the NATO you want to expand to the point of breaking– but you’ll compare anyone to an anti-Semite these days even those of us with long histories of fighting for Israel and the Jewish people. My other grandfather worked with the Israelis to protect the peace in the 1970s and to resettle the Vietnamese civilians in America, those civilians whose country your kin thought should be decimated. My cousins and friends fought the wars you backed that have bankrupted our country and, to quote Trump, we didn’t even get the oil.

To paraphrase:

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I don't think Grandpa fought the Nazis so Democrats could call me a Nazi for being like my Grandpa.

— John Rivers (@JohnRiversToo) June 29, 2015

Podhoretz is one of those commentators that works behind the scenes to purge people for thinking for themselves. He hasn’t had an original thing to say for much of his life so instead he sets about persecuting those of us who have.

Anyone who has ever read My Negro Problem–and Ours knows that the older Podhoretz knew the score when it came to the way blacks treated non-blacks.

But the younger Podhoretz decided to purge his then-colleague John Derbyshire at National Review for arguing much the same thing in Takimag.

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I spent years on NRO's Corner expressing my disgust in ways large and small with John Derbyshire. Now he will reap the whirwind. Deservedly.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) April 7, 2012

How philosemitic do you think an America that has fewer whites in it will be, John? Or will you run away fleeing the policies you push? Or will you wait for your young children to suffer it?

Regression to the mean is a hell of a thing, John. It’s a hell of a thing.

You might have noticed it in the decreasing quality of our neoconservative commentariat where nepotism is the rule, not the exception. If everyone is an anti-Semite, John, no one is. Such movements that are so inbred often become stillborn and that’s what exactly scares Podhoretz about the right of the alt right.

Podhoretz’s lucky dueling has been made illegal but barring that let’s let his donors know what kind of tweeting habit they are helping to subsidize. Over a 1oo,000 tweets, John? Come on now. I’ve already gathered some emails and will be collecting more. Enough is enough.

I wrote to Podhoretz and told him that we’ll be sending this story and others about him to his donors and he replied, “Please do. Thank you.” So let’s take him up on that.

And you’ll notice, John, that I didn’t even call you a cuckservative though the rumors about your failed first marriage and the way you treated your wife and she treated you were hard to avoid.

But you know that, don’t you, John?

class="twitter-tweet" data-width="500">

#scariestTweets "Your ex-wife is now following you on Twitter!"

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 31, 2011

class="twitter-tweet" data-width="500">

I have no memory of who attended my 1997 wedding to my ex-wife and I'd like to keep it that way. I bet Martha Raddatz is the same.

— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 10, 2012

The Observer published an article about the ill-fated marriage.

Over time, Mr. Kristol emerged as The Standard ‘s media face, and Mr. Podhoretz said he felt it had become “somebody else’s magazine.” Then love struck: In February 1997, Mr. Podhoretz ran into Ms. Hickey at a party thrown by Arianna Huffington. Mr. Podhoretz soon circulated news of his engagement in an e-mail to friends headed “This is not a put-on.” The couple was married in May. Three months later, Mr. Podhoretz told friends he hadn’t been in love after all. Said a friend of the couple, “they cut their losses.”

What a shame we can’t cut ours with the former Bush and Reagan speechwriter-turned-Twitter police.

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