UPAC announces new tax-fraud charges against former contractors of the Jewish General Hospital

News: A group of former contractors who performed construction work at the Jewish General Hospital were charged on Tuesday with 78 counts of tax fraud and are accused of engaging in false billing and obtaining illegal tax refunds from the government.

The province’s anti-corruption squad, UPAC, announced that contractors Gilbert Leizerovici and Raphael Elkaim would face the bulk of the charges.

In December, UPAC charged Leizerovici and his companies with 65 counts of violating Quebec’s Tax Administration Act and Excise Tax Act. Tuesday’s charges are on top of those made in December and include other contractors and companies, UPAC spokesperson Anne-Frédérick Laurence said.

The contractors and their companies could face fines totalling more than $9 million. The accused also risk prison sentences.

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