The RCC Vs Meir Kin

Morris emails:

The RCC continues to withhold facts and mislead the community. The following was a recent email sent out to the public:

 RCC position on Meir Kin  In light of Meir Kin’s agreement today  to accept mediation of the dispute with his wife Lonna, the RCC Beis Din  has agreed to lift its seruv in the expectation that this good faith mediation will lead to a resolution of all outstanding issues including the execution of a valid get.”


Here are the true facts: 1) Meir Kin has never refused at anypoint to mediate or attend to a Bais Din.  2) The RCC seiruv  was promulgated falsely to begin with, as evidenced in a letter written by a Monsey Bais Din. See  3) Meir Kin’s kosher Get has been waiting to be picked up for over 1 year. The RCC statement alluding that the GET is not valid is based on corruptive logic,pure loshon hora, and lacks any halachic backbone. See the above website where Rabbi Gestetner attests to the validity of the GET. 4)The RCC is not new to corruptive behavior and practices. See this site (left column):

  where the RCC hires as a mashgiach a  registered  sex offender. Do you see in the RCC statement any criticism launched against Lonna Kin for a)persistent litigation in the civil courts against her 2 ex-husbands, which is against Halacha? B) Do you see in the RCC statement any criticism of Lonna Kin obtaining a gag-order against Meir as being against Halacha?  Do you still believe that the RCC is an upstanding, pristine, blemish/corruption free Bais Din/Enterprise? Does anyone care what the”RCC position on Meir Kin” is?



Registered Sex Offender David Mazlin – RCC (California) Kosher Food Supervisor!

Registerd Sex Offender David Mazlin - RCC (California) Kosher Food Supervisor!
Click On Photo For Sex Offender Registry!

Chaim emails: "Luke, Are you kidding?  How is it that the RCC finds time, energy, & resources to condemn Meir Kin’s orthodox Beis Din but somehow glosses over the issue of hiring sex offenders?  Could it be that victims of sexual predators don’t have the political clout of the Modern Orthodox feminists??  Maybe we can do a shidduch between David Maslin & Lonna Kin & bring it all full circle!"

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