Sailer: Do American Colleges Want Chinese to Cheat on the SAT?

Steve Sailer writes: “The College Board gives SATs in America, and then gives the exact same tests later in East Asia. It’s almost as if the American higher education system is so addicted to full tuition-paying East Asian students that it wants this corrupt system to continue of having the SAT validate as worthy of admission rich Asian kids who don’t really speak English.”

Some of the Jews and asians I know have the attitude that if you’re not cheating, you’re not trying.


* I wonder why it is that people are so willing to cast aspersions on the motivations of corporations (which are at least honest about their money grubbing) and give universities a pass while they load up students with debt for degrees of dubious value, among other ethically challenging practices. These are only anecdotes, but…

When I graduated from college many moons ago, a roommate applied to Harvard for graduate school. He was rejected. A quick call to mom and dad (both Harvard grads) got him in.

In the public school my kids attend (in central NJ) it is common knowledge that kids of Princeton professors can get accepted there with lower standards than kids with no connections.

If schools like Harvard and Princeton, that have a strong economic interest in maintaining their brand, are willing to do this, how tempting will it be for state universities to accept more engage in more questionable admission practices?

How long before the education bubble collapses?

* People who cheat show that they have lots of attractive qualities: the will to succeed, initiative, courage, intelligence.

I’ve always admired cheaters in a strange way. Pretty much anyone successful does it.

* Hopefully all doctors who operate on you are cheaters. Dumbass!

* I’m writing a response (in the form of a letter) to the really excellent articles; I don’t think they could have done more in an opening sequence. Hopefully, others will follow up.

Here are my “big three” pieces on the SAT/PSAT and Asian cheating:

The SAT is Corrupt. No one wants to know. If you want to know specifically what the College Confidential braindumping looks like, I got screenprints.

SAT’s Competitive Advantage–talks about the huge Asian preference for SAT vs. ACT, and why.

Braindumping the PSAT: here’s when I realized that the SAT was going to still enable cheating. And reporters–who found the whole process of discussing the answers clever and cute–were infuriating.

* Chinese are generally very intelligent but their downfall is their poor english language skills, which means they can’t write intelligible essays, even though they understand the material.
OTOH the female ones can sleep with their teachers or their fellow students in exchange for getting the essays done for them. This actually happens.

* This is great for the US.

China sends manufactured goods to the US and the US pays for them with worthless degrees.

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