Shul Was Wonderful This Shabbos

Friend: “How often do you hear a Jew say ‘Shul was wonderful this shabbos.’?”
Luke: Jews don’t talk like that though I often hear Jews say it is the highlight of their week.
Friend: “Then what would a Jew say to convey the same meaning of spiritual satisfaction and happiness over going to shul and davening and such.”

Daniel Sayani: “Jews rarely say that because in the Orthodox world, at least, how often is it uplifting? Carlebach minyanim are spiritual and charismatic and uplifting. In mainstream synagogues, there’s no more trained cantors who inspire people to tears, and there are rarely gifted orators who inspire people with their sermons/drashos.”

Chaim Amalek: “What a goyishe way of looking at things. Inspiration is for goyim. We yidden have Torah.”

I always find temple inspiring when there’s a comely shiksa playing a violin.

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