A Holocaust Revisionist Reacts To The Holocaust Museum Shooting

Mike H. Ahlens writes:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — To most, the evidence against alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn may seem overwhelming.

Surveillance camera video.

Eyewitness accounts.

Von Brunn’s red Hyundai parked outside.


But to some people in Von Brunn’s e-mail chain and Web circles, there’s a darker truth.

They say the June 10 shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum may be a "false flag" operation. The incident could have been staged by one group, perhaps what they describe as the Jewish-controlled U.S. government, to make it appear to be the actions of another group — in this case, von Brunn and others who believe Jews exercise too much control in the United States.

In other words, von Brunn could have been set up, they contend.

Where others see meaningless coincidence, members of "Ghost Troop," an online group of writers and investigators bent on disproving official versions of the September 11, 2001, attacks and other major events, have a penchant for seeing what they argue is meaningful evidence. Where others see the smoke of understandable and inevitable inconsistency, they see fire.

Ghost Troop members are trying to build the case that von Brunn, an ardent believer in conspiracy theories, was himself the victim of a conspiracy.


Monterey County officials knew James W. von Brunn as a difficult man, a distraught father who insisted in numerous e-mails that the county had bungled its investigation into the death of his 55-year-old son.

Now they know Von Brunn, 88, as the alleged shooter at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, a raging anti-Semite and racist who is charged with killing a security guard at the crowded site June 10.

Authorities have not found any connection between the two incidents. But in the wake of the horror at the Washington, D.C., museum, Von Brunn’s lengthy correspondence with Monterey County officials provides a chilling glimpse of a man driven by a conviction that he was treated unjustly.

Von Brunn’s son, James B. von Brunn, was unemployed and living alone in a motel in Seaside, adjacent to the city of Monterey. On Jan. 21, 2007, the longtime area resident was discovered dead in his room by the motel manager. An autopsy determined that he had died of bronchopneumonia, according to Cmdr. Mike Richards, a spokesman for the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department.

The elder Von Brunn, living in Maryland, told police that he and his son had been estranged for years. He said the county could sell his son’s belongings to pay for a cremation.

"He basically divested himself of all responsibility," Richards said. "At one point, we got his written authorization to scatter his son’s ashes in a garden or at sea."


The recent killings of a U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum guard and a Kansas abortion doctor came a few months after the Federal Bureau of Investigation stepped up efforts to pre-empt violence committed by just such political extremists working alone.

"Lone-wolf offenders continue to be of great concern to law enforcement," the agency said in a February memo reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. The FBI is "trying to identify a potential lone wolf before he or she would act out violently," Michael Ward, the bureau’s deputy assistant director for counterterrorism, said in an interview earlier this year.

The lone-wolf initiative is one element of a broader strategy to fight domestic terrorism, dubbed "Operation Vigilant Eagle," launched late last year in response to what the memo identified as "an increase in recruitment, threatening communications, and weapons procurement by white supremacy extremist and militia/sovereign citizen extremist groups."


Dear Luke, I promised I would write you an unhurried reaction to the terrible event at the Holocaust Museum. Here it is.

Some of the quotations I gleaned from David Duke’s book, "My Awakening." You expressed an interest in the book. You can download it for free at davidduke.com but I was so impressed with the book that I am buying some copies of the 2008 edition and would like to gift you with one of them. When they arrive we can talk about getting one to you, should you choose to accept it. You could find a place where guests would not see it, I imagine.

That reminds me of the fate of a book I presented to the Museum of Tolerance some years ago. It was "The Pink Swastika," by Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, a Christian and an Israeli. It treats the widespread homosexuality in the Nazi party and argues against a "Gay Holocaust."

Neither idea appealed to the MOT. They did not put it on their shelves. Instead they put it in what they call the "Special Collection." A reader has to ask for it. Someone descends into a dark little room somewhere and retrieves it. Takes a few days. Last I checked it was not listed in their computer under books on homosexuality so there probably is not a lot of call for the book.

Best wishes, Zan Overall, your in-house Holocaust Revisionist.



The media and the talking heads on TV think that, as long as they are quoting a despised murderer, it is safe to pronounce words they would never otherwise utter. (They should rethink that.)

Before Von Brunn did what he did at the Holocaust Museum, would you EVER have heard these words strung together on TV?: “Jews control the media in the United States.”

Or: “Jews control the United States government.”

The danger for the talking heads is that some people will look into those statements and learn, to their great surprise, that they are true. Jews even admit their truth. Here are a couple of examples.

Screenwriter Ben Stein wrote an article for E!-online entitled “Do Jews Run the Media?” with a subtitle that read “You Bet They Do—And What of It?”

In a story called “The Jews Who Run Clinton’s Court.” the major Israeli newspaper Maariv quoted Rabbi Avinoam Bar-Yosef as saying: “The U.S. has no longer a government of Goyim, but an adminis tration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels. Perhaps the aspects of the Jewish religious law connected with the term ‘government of goyim’ should be re-examined, since it is an outdated term in the U.S.”

(“Partners?” Partners don’t call the shots. Perhaps the Rabbi had an attack of modesty—or caution. And, by the way, who elected them to be “partners?”)

People who hold these taboo but true* opinions have tried unsuccessfully to discuss them on TV or in the public print. It would be nice if we lived in a free country and they had been able to do so. Possibly, if those forums had been open to Von Brunn, the head of steam building in him could have found a release before it reached the explosion point.

So let’s make some lemonade from a lemon—or a bad apple. Let’s consider whether Von Brunn was right in his opinions while wrong in his actions.

Do Jews control the American media? How long have the Sulzberger family owned the New York Times? How long have the Meyer family owned the Washington Post, and how did they come to own it? Who owns the three major networks?

Do Jews control the American government? Was Senator William Fulbright mistaken when he said: "Israel controls the United States Senate. We should be more concerned ab out the United States’ interests."

Do Jews plot to destroy the white European genotype? Do you remember the Jewish movie “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?” Does the Jewish media promote multiculturalism, intermarriage and wide open borders for non-European immigrants? At the same time, do Jews hypocritically oppose Jews marrying Gentiles and allow only Jews to immigrate to Israel?

Can we talk?

Let’s utter the unutterable!
Let’s think the unthinkable!
Let’s dispute the indisputable! -Zan Overall (16 June 2009) *Try saying “taboo but true” ten times fast.

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