The Tovia Singer Show

Tamar Leah Miller tells me:

I was a listener to The Tovia Singer Show, the Temple Mount Show with R Singer and Jeremy Gimpel and the tnt Tamar and Tovia show and would frequent the virtual studio beginning in July 2009-May 2010. I was also facebook friends with maria puccio (now known as miriam) back them until she defriended me in may 2010, which I just contacted her today after coming across her article and she said that tovia told her to defriend me. He and I were communicating via email and facebook for a brief time at the same time as I was going through a divorce also. However, he and I stopped talking and did not speak again until he called me July 2013. He and I met up and had a brief 5 month fling that includes going to 3 different swingers clubs together and atlantic city casino trip. I was single, going through a break up and just wanted to have fun. I can confirm that he was on a lot of pain medication and at one point was hitting himself in the face cause I wanted a good night kiss but he was in too much pain and just started hitting his face. He also told me he dated 2 strippers and had a threesome with his 2 maids at his New York home. He bought me marijuana and vodka and we would just meet at hotel rooms and spend time together. He became very cruel at the end, calling me amoral, however the swingers clubs were his idea. We didn’t participate with others but were together there. We stopped hooking up and he moved to Indonesia shortly after. We last saw each other the end of december 2013 , we went to a Christmas themed swingers party in philadelphia, and after that i was done going to these types of places, so he lost interest. I don’t care what the man does in private, but orthodox rabbi he is not, orthodox jew, he is not, he should not be on radio or have a public career. He needs to retire, settle down, and repent for all the people he mislead and hurt.

I would have let it go but seeing he caused miriam and i to lose a friendship when i needed a friend the most as i was going through a divorce and trying to convert to judaism back then. We stayed a hotels in Reading PA, Bethlehem PA, Philadelphia PA, New Jersey, and Atlantic city from august 2013-december 2013. Jeremy Gimpel knows who I am from the show, Tamar Yonah knows who I am and multiple facebook and previous virtual studio friends know who I am. I know he was leasing a Nissan, white. We went to Saints and sinners in philadelphia 2x. But I’m sure they keep names private. He paid.

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