Was Donald Trump sufficiently deferential to the Jews at AIPAC?

Is Donald Trump under control? It’s not clear. That’s why I can’t sleep at night.

Paul Ciotti:

How deferential is deferential enough? I remember Bill Clinton saying he “would grab a gun, jump in a ditch and die for Israel.” Which is interesting considering that he once wrote a letter to his draft board saying he “loathes” the US Military.

Two white nationalists discussed this week Trump’s Monday speech at AIPAC.

It’s interesting how sunny the WNs are about Trump’s AIPAC speech and how freaked out the professional Jews are.

Greg Enoch: “He’s saying, I have to do this. You know why I have to do this. And it’s all bull.”

Richard: “No one really believes him. On both sides.”

“He has not ruined himself in our times.”

“Trump is not identitarian or Alt-Right. He’s this fascinating opening for us.”

Greg: “He’s got the right instincts.”

Richard: “For someone like this, you have to kowtow to power.”

Greg: “You have to pay your ritual obeisance to the Jews.”

Richard: “What’s radical is that he said he would be neutral dealing with the Palestinians and the Israelis.”

“The neocons don’t believe him. They freak out more than we do.”

Greg: “Very high strung.”

Richard: “High verbal intelligence, pushy people.”

Greg: “Have a lot of chutzpah.”

Richard: “John Podhoretz. If we were to invent a mascot for Jewish power, we wouldn’t go so far as to create John Podhoretz. That would make us blush. That would be too far.”

“They don’t trust Trump. They think he’s an anti-Semite. Emotionally, some of them think he’s Hitler.”

“James Kirchick said to me at the latest NPI conference: ‘When I see these Trump things, I see Nuremburg rallies. I’m losing sleep over Trump.'”

“It’s not about what he says, it is about who he is and what he represents.”

Greg: “It’s not clear he’s under control.”

“On the day of AIPAC, his only canned speech of the campaign… He also had his news conference where he talks about leaving NATO and he also announced his foreign policy team, which doesn’t have any Jews on it. And he’s announcing a non-interventionist foreign policy… That wasn’t an accident.”

Richard: “He kisses ass and kicks them in the stomach at the same time.”

Greg: “He’s saying, don’t control me. It’s not anti-Jewish.”

Richard: “He’s threading the needle… It’s a groundbreaking phenomenon.”

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