Are Both Of Trump’s Daughters Jewish?

From Gotnews: While an astroturfed campaign of rabbis tried to brand Donald Trump an anti-Semite, an investigation by reveals that both of Trump’s daughters are among the Chosen people.

Trump’s favorite daughter, Ivanka, is known to have converted to Judaism to marry her husband Jared Kushner but less well known are Trump’s youngest daughter, Tiffany’s connections to the faith.

“Marla [Maples] and Tiffany [Trump] are long time members of a controversial Jewish cult called “the Kabbalah center [in West Los Angeles],” says a pro-Trump Jewish source. “Marla and Madonna share a rabbi. His name is Eitan Yardeni. I know this because I was a congregant there back in mid-2000s. He really has two Jewish daughters.”

Trump himself name checks Rabbi Yardeni in one of his books, calling him his “kabbalah teacher.”

The anti-Semtism charge against Trump, tried though it is, isn’t going to work.

Trump actually declined to run on the Reform ticket in 2000 because of Pat Buchanan’s views on the Second World War and Adolf Hitler.

Donald Trump sent out a press release in September 1999 opposing Buchanan’s positions.

Here’s how it was described at the time.

SCHIEFFER: David, what do you make of this–this press release that Donald Trump put out this morning, just about an hour ago, we get over the fax here? We checked. It is–it is, indeed, true. It’s legitimate. He says Pat Buchanan’s stated view ‘We should not have stopped Adolf Hitler is repugnant. Hitler was a monster. It’s essential–it was essential for the Allies to crush Nazism. And then in this phrase he says, ‘I think it’s essential that someone challenge those extreme and outrageous views.’ (CBS Transcript September 19, 1999)

If Trump hates Jews so much why is he constantly surrounded by them?

Why are his business partners, friends, and family members Jewish?

Is this really the behavior of the next Hitler as his critics claim?

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