Terror In Brussels


* Iraq, Libya, and Syria were stable before the West turned them into war zones.

When you create instability, it opens the way for radicals.

When Europe was shaken badly by WWI, it led to rise of Bolshies in Russia and Nazis in Germany.

When Japanese invasion messed up the KMT regime in China, it gave huge opening to the commies.

When North Vietnam and US destabilized Cambodia, it led to rise of Khmer Rouge.

I agree y’all that immigration is a bad, bad, and bad idea.

But the West has much to answer for for messing up the Middle East and North Africa.

A single drone strike killed many more innocent people in the Middle East than this attack in Brussels.

The West says that those drone strikes are meant to take out terrorists.

As far as I’m concerned, Western elites are no less terrorists for using lies and influence to destroy entire parts of the world.

And not just in the Muslim world but in Ukraine. Nuland is a terrorist.

Actually worse. The West, ruled by Zionists, have been into mass destruction of societies. They are destructionists.

Brussels looks bad, but look at eastern Ukraine. Look at Syria. Look at Iraq. Look at Libya. It’s total destruction.

Bush and Clinton and Obama are destructionists.


* The neocon sabre rattling is all about Iran, which is not a real threat to Israel except indirectly through support of the Arabs in the West bank. It is very important to realise that Israeli politicians and the Lobby that take their cure from them, don’t dare mention what they see as the greatest threat. Supposedly Obama is the most anti Israel President ever, but that he has done absolutely nothing to stop settlements or restart the peace process does not mean he is doing anything good for Israel.

The official US policy supported by both recent Republican and Democrat presidents is for a process toward a new Palestinian state, which Israel and its Lobby have put into suspended animation. There isn’t enough unsettled land left for a meaningful new Palestinian state anyway. The West Bank Arabs will have to be given second class citizenship in what will be internationally recognisable as an obviously Apartheid regime, or full rights (either would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state within a generation).

The alternative, quietly longed for by many Israelis, is West Bank Arabs to fight against Israel and be relocated to the existing Palestinian state of Jordan during a wider war between ISIS and Israel. The counter-jumping chickenhawks of the Israel Lobby don’t dare suggest the aforementioned removal of Arabs, which happens to be the only thing that can keep Israel a Jewish country. Clinton would not let things (ISIS or similar organisation taking over Jordan and fighting against Israel) get that far, and she would not let Israel transfer the West Bank Arabs in any case. Trump is a very different kettle of fish.

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