The Latest Issue Of Tradition Magazine

Rabbi Gil Student writes:

A new issue of Tradition has been published (link):

  • Let Him Who Is Not A Camel Among Youby R. Shalom Carmy – Makes the point that much of the media coverage of the impact of the Madoff scandal on the Orthodox community is senseless, and also tweaks the Modern Orthodox intellectual elite for demanding kavod
  • Rabbi Emanuel Rackman, z"l: A Critical Appreciation by R. Norman Lamm – R. Emanuel Rackman was a great man but he made great mistakes. I think R. Lamm wanted to prevent R. Rackman from becoming a posthumous gadol and his deviant initiatives from gaining newfound traction, but I think R. Lamm comes across as overly aggressive.
  • Idolatry: A Prohibition for Our Time by R. Herzl Hefter – I can’t make heads or tails of this article, certainly due to my own limitations.
  • Rabbinic Responses in Favor of Prenuptial Agreements by Rachel Levmore – A useful compendium of the rabbinic authorities with positive attitudes towards prenuptial agreements but it leaves the reader wondering who opposes them that an article like this had to be written.
  • Survey of Recent Halakhic Periodical Literature: Cochlear Implants by R. J. David Bleich – Questions whether cochlear implants have the same halakhic status as hearing aids, i.e. whether they result in artificial amplification of sounds or natural amplification. Also discusses whether double recovery – from insurance and the damager – is allowed or you have to give the recover from the damager to the insurance company.
  • Review Essay: Return of the Pashtanim by R. Yaakov Beasley – Reviews of Between the Lines of the Bible and the YCT Tanakh Companion: Samuel. Generally discusses the "New School" of Tanakh study and how these books succeed and fail in representing it. Mentions this blog in note 4.
  • Review Essay: Transforming Identity by Avi Sagi and Zvi Zohar by Michael J. Broyde and Shmuel Kadosh – As posted to this blog here: link
  • Book Review: War and Peace in the Jewish Tradition by Avi Woolf – A recent Orthodox Forum book that the reviewer really likes (I haven’t seen it).
  • Communications: Food Pipe and Wine Pipe by R. Shmuel Riccardo Di Segni, R. Michael Druin, & R. Marc Angel – Where are the windpipe and foodpipe in relation to each other and as they relate to halakhah?

MOSHE POSTS: "R. D.W. Halivni left the Conservative movement, despite the fact that he found Orthodox people less intellectual and fun to talk to, saying beautifully that even though he could not talk to the people he davens with, he chooses davening over talking. Meaning, if you’re really commited to halacha, you would sacrifice intellectual conversations for a proper davening. So I must ask you: do you daven with Hadar, or just socialize with them? And if you daven with them, do you consider yourself Orthodox?"

Joseph Kaplan writes: "I, too, was disappointed by R, Lamm’s article. It lacked the graciousness for which he is so justifiably well known and which would have been appropriate in this article at this time."

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