Why Does Law Enforcement Embrace Steven Seagal?

Tim emails:

Mr. Ford, I stumbled across your site in a round about, 6-degrees From Kevin Bacon way.

I was reading in Fox News about an actress Alexandra Kamp (?), who has unflattering words for Steven Seagal. In that article it was revealed the Seagal is not who we think he is. He is not JUST a CIA agent and trained killer, but he is also a Sheriffs Deputy who have been given his own TV Reality Show! To which I said to myself, "Get the fuck outa’ here!. No way!".
Pardon my language, but that was my precise response.
I did some research and sure enough, the man with the biggest ego in the world next to Obama has been a "lawman under radar" for 20 years, being involved in dangerous investigations. He is a hero, according to A&E.
In researching this I came across your profile on the our intrepid hero.
My question is this:  why on earth would any legitimate law enforcement department allow Seagal to use law enforcement to revive his flagging image as an action hero? Clearly, Seagal is using this gig as a launching pad back into action film, but why would any police department allow itself to be so used?
Also, given Seagals claims to be a CIA agent, and given that this is a bald faced lie by most accounts, and given that he hired someone to do a contract killing, why isn’t he in prison serving at the behest of REAL law enforcement officials rather than pretending to be one (even IF he is a part time cop).
I want to know what is behind the A&E story. I want to know the real truth about Seagal being a Sheriff Deputy and a hero.
This "reality tv show" is certainly no more "real" than most other shows of that genre. Most of them are staged to some degree, more or less. It is all smokes and mirrors.
If Seagal gets killed "in the line of duty", only THEN will I believe that this guy is for real, and even then I would still have my doubts.

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