Another Day, Another Allahu

Chaim Amalek writes: A commenter in the NY Times reacting to today’s attacks puts it thusly (and no, I did not the author):
dcl New Jersey 4 hours ago
Within a day or two, the rationalizations, minimizing & slight of hand distractions will come pouring in. The media & the upper class intellectual class will begin telling us:
1.What we really have to fear is Islamophobia.
2. This is nothing compared to gun violence in America.
3. The West deserves this. We are at heart to blame for our overall evilness.
4. Jews are to blame. If only Israel x or y, then all this would stop.
Meanwhile people all over the world are living in fear of the rising extremist Muslim terrorists. It is a *fact* that these terrorists want to kill us–the more blood, the happier they are. Look up their own sites, & their own twitter feed if you want to be disturbed, but you will need a strong stomach.
The more the elite class shows its willingness to serve up its own people to the terrorist carving knife not to mention the job cutting block, the more they will lose support from the people. A prime purpose of gov’t is supposed to be protecting & supporting its own peoples. They can only call us ‘racists’ or ‘idiots’ for so long for daring to bring up the threat from extremist Muslims, & the crime of wanting jobs (the gov’t seems to have unlimited $ when it comes to helping illegal immigrants & migrants, but no money when it comes to, say, education or keeping jobs here).
In order to maintain their power, they will have to become the despots they condemn. We see this happening already.

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