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Here’s some background to this story.

A tenant emails: Another pipe burst last night @ 11:00pn. Alarm rang for 30 minutes throughout building. Flooded the garage again. And once again it’s a “mysterious van” that hits a pipe that’s never to be seen again. Or could it be 25 year-old pipes that they are too cheap to fix? Tenants were gathered – 4 Fire Trucks – some even got the whole thing on video cuz they’re sick of the bs. A tenant on the 6th floor moved out last weekend, lived here less than a year and said to another tenant, ”Be careful living here you’re going to get sick.”

AN UNHAPPY TENANT WRITES THIS REVIEW ONLINE: Living here a long long time unfortunately. Not always easy to relocate when one is self employed or a new job or small children. So many of us have been stuck here and I mean stuck for a long time. Power goes out about 2x a year and its NEVER their fault. Water is shut down for a day monthly with no reimbursements. Elevator breaks down weekly. Horrible smell in the building. Manager, Arnali, is the most stubborn unpleasant manager you will ever face. Many… just evade her because she is so nasty and controlling.
Now MOLD has infested the building. People are getting sick and most are symptomatic. Truth be told we are building a case against them and hope to get the building shut down. It needs to be rebuilt. 25 years of not maintaining a building can lead to these problems. Doctors have even called this building, "Sick Building Syndrome."
Most of us are miserable just miserable. We feel so sorry when we see people moving in and we want to warn them, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE."
Pipes in garage break out of no where causing mass flooding and they make up some sort of excuse as to why it happened.
They try to make the outside look nice to manipulate people to come in but no one has any idea what they will endure once living here. Most brake their leases or get out after 1st year. We weren’t that lucky.
They dont give a damn about us – we are just a rent check. The owner Jonah Goldrich has lawsuit after lawsuit pending against him by many of his buildings. Seems as though mold has infested most of his buildings. You can google Goldrich & Kest & Mold and catch up on previous lawsuits.

HERE’S A REVIEW FROM LAST YEAR: If you enjoy third world conditions you will adore these apartments. No lights and no hot water along with a garage that is in total darkness. Management cannot explain why at random times this happens and she has managed this location for years. Using the stairs is a must because the elevators are totally unreliable in addition to being very slow – not to mention the bad smell which permeates the building. The keys you are given for the common areas (such as stairs) do not usually work because the locks are in need of repair. If there is an earthquake or fire, there is absolutely no chance of escape. The elevators do not work on a regular day so imagine running for the stairs in a stampede.

I rented there because I was impressed with the two bedroom floor plan, the open area hallways and they accept dogs. Upon moving in I noticed the difficult location of the elevators and stairs in the garage plus the elevator in the lobby was not an option because it was even further my apartment. If you ever need security, they are not at the front desk. You will have to search for them only to find they don t care and have no answers.

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