Sunday Lunch At David Mazlin’s Mashu Mashu Kosher Restaurant

Mashu Mashu is located at 12510 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, CA 91607. For delivery call (818) 752-2742

I stopped by at 1:30 pm. David Mazlin was not in. He manages the restaurant (kashrut supervision by the RCC).

I do not believe David owns the restaurant. His family has millions of dollars.

I got fast courteous service.

I’m not into Asian food. I paged through the menu until I found a listing of vegetarian entrees. I got the Curry Tofu with Eggdrop soup (I presume the soup was vegetarian) and white rice (instead of fried rice). The portions are huge and I couldn’t eat all of mine. I got an excellent lunch for $10.87 plus a $2 tip.

There are five other kosher restaurants within a block and a falafel stand supervised by Rabbi Bookspan. Most Orthodox Jews in the area do not seem to trust its hashgacha (kosher certification).

On the drive home, I take Coldwater Canyon. I feel hot and very alone, and a chasm opens up within me that my heart falls through. The sun gets in my eyes and my car zips around the corners and I don’t feel like I can ever drive this way again. Laurel Canyon is completely off limits. And definitely no dilly-dallying on Mulholland Drive. That’s against the law when you do it at night. I was an outlaw for love once but I am an older and wiser man today.

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