Why Trump?

Rabbi Nachum Shifren writes: I recently took a walk on one of the busiest streets in town frequented by orthodox Jews on one particular Saturday, and was looking for a particular synagogue. Not having been around for many years, I noticed something different: there were security guards manning the entrance of each establishment. These were not unemployed seniors on some make-work project. Here were combat-dressed, kevlar-vested men, each sporting a serious demeanour, matching the 9mm pistols they wore. The perfunctory “shalom, have a great day” greeting seemed designed to distract more than convey friendship.

Yet on that same street are several churches. I visited them the following day, Sunday, as parishioners visited during the morning service. Not satisfied with the nearby churches, I decided to take a drive around the city at that moment. In not one instance did I see a security guard. Why was this? In the context of recent events, what message could be learned?

A friend of mine, a rabbi, recently returned from a trip to Jerusalem to attend a family event. When asked about his experience there, his reply was terse and alarming: “Everybody’s watching their back.” In a rather Orwellian explanation, he detailed the level of panic caused by the dozens of knifings whose victims never saw their attackers. Just as the state of Israel would like to wish these bloody events away, the international media seems complicit about the refusal to expose the level of Jew-hatred actually occurring.

A while before the present Trump hysteria, I visited a synagogue in Hamburg. Here the Germans upped the ante, surrounding the area with armoured personnel carriers and police carrying automatic weapons. An isolated event? No, I was told it’s like that each Saturday. A few miles to the west in neighboring Holland, a friend involved in security matters told me what few outsiders know: synagogues are being closed up and shuttered.

“So where are the Jews disappearing to?” was my obvious response.
“They’re conducting their services underground in private homes”, came my friend’s ominous message.

Everywhere in Europe, Jews who normally wear head covering identifying themselves as orthodox Jews, have been instructed by communal leaders to stop doing so. Whether it be East London, the Paris underground, or any major skandinavian city, Jews are under attack. And while Donald Trump was still making high-end ties, this has been going on for years.

In Londonistan (London, England), I received an invitation by the English Defense League to speak on behalf of English sovereignty and security amid the growing Muslim threat to non-Muslims in townships like Luton (see Youtube video: Rabbi Shifren speaks in Luton). In a background of “grooming” (sexual enslavement of young Christian girls through intimidation and death threats toward family members), “no-go-zones” (exclusive Muslim areas where access to non-Muslims is denied), and general mayhem and harassment, I was greeted by over 5,000 Luton residents. I was asked by a leftist BBC reporter: “How can an orthodox rabbi such as yourself associate with such an ‘extremist’ group?”

I didn’t bat an eyelash: “These are my friends!”

It was important to show solidarity with a group that has always treated me with he utmost of respect, a rare patriotic organization dedicated to saving Britain from itself, despite an incessant miasma of hatred directed at it by the press, pressured by a powerful political mafia, and law enforcement. The most remarkable incident of my visit to London? The left-wing “Jewish Chronicle” proposed that I not be invited to London, lest I incite the otherwise friendly Muslim population! Only Kafka could make sense of such intellectual rubbish.

The world is ablaze. The long-kives are drawn. The entire European continent is drowning in rapes, assaults, and cultural and physical invasion. Nowhere are people allowed to speak freely about a danger that threatens their very existence. Freedom of speech has gone the way of civility. Instead of security and protection of borders, we get more bilge by the politicos in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, a recognized terrorist organization. While the destruction goes unabated, law-abiding, overtaxed citizens are branded with the race card for suggesting maintaining their culture, language, and borders. In an upside down world, Egypt, the most populous muslim country in the world has outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, while here at home they are hobnobbing with Obama in the Oval Office


…For the first time in recent memory, the US is poised to elect a man that the world may fear and respect. Donald Trump may not be a Reagan, but he will certainly give pause to enemies and haters of America. I have no doubt that the jihadist world will have much re-calculating to do, navigating away from the cozy relationship they’ve enjoyed with Hussein Obama. The rest of the world will look at America differently before the the finest military was purged of its patriots and real fighting leadership. Making America great again requires that our enemies fear us, and our friends can count on us. This, more than anything, is the meaning of the Trump campaign.

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