Winners Don’t Seek Dialogue

Imagine if a leading Reform rabbi declared Orthodox Judaism dead. How would the Orthodox react? They would yawn. Orthodox Jews in general don’t care about what the goyim think of them. That’s the advantage of living an authentic life. You are less vulnerable to the opinions of others.

I thought Rabbi Norman Lamm’s remarks (that we would soon be saying kaddish on Reform & Conservative Judaism) ridiculous but the vigorous way the Reform and Conservative movements responded shows how insecure those Jewish movements are. They’re always seeking dialogue with the Orthodox while the Orthodox repeatedly spurn them.

It’s like a guy always asking a girl out and she’s always saying no.

Who has the power in this relationship?

The more the non-Orthodox seek dialogue and dates with the Orthodox, the less the Orthodox will respect them. Winners don’t seek dialogue.

Orthodox Jews don’t mind having sex with non-Orthodox Jews but they’re not going to bring them home to mother and they’re not going to marry them.

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