Smart Energy with Greenlite: Save The Earth. And A Few Bucks, Too

Here’s a thought: encourage practical environmentalism, the sort of campaign that yields tangible results and actually benefits consumers. Too much of today’s environmental movement – and this rule applies to all kinds of groups – is just rhetoric, and very little action. Unless you have the vision of a company like GREENLITE (, a brand dedicated to helping people save money whole also saving the planet.

GREENLITE is one of the world?s leading manufacturers of energy efficient lighting products, and one of the few Canadian companies that manufactures and distributes energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Greenlite’s bulbs bear the Energy Star label, both in Canada and the U.S. Simply stated, GREENLITE is a model corporate citizen — and that means a lot, at least to me.

By educating the public about restoring balance to the environment, GREENLITE goes a long way toward bringing us one step closer to a world free of pollution and other toxins. Led by genuine visionaries who share this commitment to aiding others, GREENLITE is my hero of the day. I salute them!

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