Why Does The Mormon Church Support Open Borders?

Comments to Steve Sailer:

* “Mormons are fools who want the border open so they can “save” their souls.”

Bingo! Not just “save their souls” but get access to their wallets. For years, the Mormon Church has been billing itself as “America’s fastest growing religion.” But I think what happened is they discovered that they had pretty much exhausted the stock of native white Americans to recruit into their church, so they stepped up recruitment abroad, to the point where I think foreigners now comprise the majority of the Mormon Church. They need to recruit new members to keep their Ponzi scheme going, with each member pledged to tithe 10% of his income each year. I have known many Mormons over the years, and I have nothing but admiration for them. They are wonderful people for the most part, with wonderful values. But I am bothered by the fact that you have to turn off your brain when you join the Church and accept an awful lot of nonsense. The Mormon Church’s embrace of open borders, very much like the Catholic Church’s similar stance, is a clear example of an institution putting its own interests above those of the country they call home.

BTW I was long an admirer of Brent Scowcroft (and still am), who served as GHW Bush’s National Security Adviser, based on what I read. He was one of the only advisers of Bush I to openly oppose the Iraq War of Bush II, until he was told to shut up. (Even Jim Baker supported the Iraq War, as did Henry Kissinger, Scowcroft’s former boss in the Nixon Administration.) It was only around that time that I discovered from a Mormon friend that Scowcroft was a Mormon. My admiration for him only increased as a result of that discovery. I am nonreligious myself and rarely judge people by their religion, choosing to judge their merit by the quality of the advice they give and the statements they make. I would only hope that Trump, should he become President, is able to find someone as capable as Brent Scowcroft to give him sound advice about foreign policy.

* There are indeed many normal people voting for Trump, and a few highly intelligent, well-educated ones. But his core base of support is white high school dropouts, whites who never went to university, and white people from areas with social problems (heroin use, poverty, out-of-wedlock births, etc.).

Cruz wins among conservatives who go to church regularly and live in often rural communities that are not “broken.” Places where, when it comes to moral behavior and conservative lifestyle, people walk the walk. These include church-going evangelicals* and Mormons, but also as we have seen Dutch Calvinists in wholesome western Michigan.

Earlier in the comments section I posted how Cruz won counties in Kentucky where there were no deaths from prescription pain-killer overdose, whereas Trump won landslides in the top counties in that state for such overdose deaths.

Rubio and Kasich win among educated, urban Republicans (and in Kasich’s case, all sorts of Ohioans) – engineers, military officers, physicians, MBAs, etc.


* United Nations is criticizing EU limits on refugee intake. What baffles me is how Japan, China, South America, Africa, and the Gulf States are completely ignore in this type of political pressure, and the expectation is overwhelmingly on the nations of Europe to serve as homes for millions of refugees wanting a better life.

* I seem to recall that the phenomenon of the two wage household became prominent after the passage of the Immigration Act of 1965 and the inflation of the 70′s. After all, women in the work force became essential once we had a half million fighting the Communists in Vietnam, just as Rosy the Riverter became necessary during WWII (and Mexican braceros too) with an army of over 10 million fighting abroad (well, abroad, anyway).

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