Jewish Medical Ethics Conference

From Hirhurim:

Torah in Motion, The Orthodox Union and Yeshiva University, invite you to The International Conference on Jewish Medical Ethics

August 20th to 23rd, 2009

At the foot of the Majestic Laurentian Peaks at the inspired mountain chateau Fairmont Tremblant, Quebec

Speakers include:

  • Rabbi Kenneth Brander – Dean, Yeshiva University Center for the Jewish Future. Advanced level of ordination in the field of medical ethics, in particular reproductive technology and Halakhah
  • Rabbi Michael Broyde – Academic Director, Law and Religion Program, Emory University, Atlanta; Dayan Beit Din of America
  • Dr. Beni Gesundheit – Hematology-Oncology; Jewish Philosophy Department, Hebrew University
  • Dr. Cliff Librach – Director of the Create Fertility Centre; Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Toronto
  • Rabbi Dr. Avraham Steinberg – Director, Medical Ethics Unit, Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem
  • Rabbi Dr. Aaron E. Glatt – President / CEO at New Island Hospital, an Affiliate of North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, Orthodox Union Scholar In Residence on Jewish Medical Ethics

Topics include genetic screening, stem cell, treating terrorists, end of life issues including living wills, treatment options of terminal illness, and the Israel Dying Patient act, Shabbbat and the Physician, economic issues in the practice of medicine as well as a variety of “other” topics.

We invite not only rabbis and medical doctors but also dentists, pharmacists, therapists, midwives, nurses, biologists, ethicists and interested laymen to join us at this important conference.

Information and Registration at or 1-866-633-5770.

MJ POSTS: I assume they call it an international conference so it sounds better for CME credit.

A more accurate term would be Shabbaton for people interested in Jewish medical ethics and medical halahcha. There are conferences in on this topic in which papers or positions are presented and debated and issues are substantively contested. This is something rather different.

CHARLES HALL POSTS: Why are they charging my wife, a physician, so much more than me, a non-physician medical school professor?

MJ POSTS: I assume they charge more to physicians who can get CME credit and write this off as a business trip.

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