Meir Kin Divorce Protests

This announcement went out to Orthodox shuls across Los Angeles, including YICC:

L.A. COMMUNITY RALLY this Sunday, May 10th

Protest Meir Kin’s Refusal to Give His Wife A Valid Get

Dear Friends,

We would like to remind you about the rally which will take place this Sunday, May 10th, protesting the abusive behavior of Meir Kin who refuses to grant his wife a valid get.

The rally will take place at 356 N. Poinsettia Place (between Oakwood Ave. and Beverly Blvd.), from 3- 4pm. Our message to Meir and his family, who defend and support him, is clear: Give an immediate, unconditional, and valid get, or else we will not stop protesting this abuse!

A follow-up demonstration will take place later that evening, at the back entrance of Congregation Shaarei Tefila, on Poinsettia Place near the corner of Beverly Blvd, from 7:15-8:15pm. We will stand in front of Shaarei Tefila to inform the members of the shul that it is intolerable to stand idly by while Lonna suffers as an agunah. We are not rallying against the shul; we are protesting Meir Kin and anyone who supports him or abets his behavior, especially his brother Aaron Kin who is the president of Shaarei Tefila.

Both events have the explicit support of Rabbi Hershel Schachter, shlit"a, rosh kollel at Yeshiva University. For supporting documentation please visit: Please, join us. While America honors our mothers, please stand with us to defend our daughters.

If you plan on attending either event, or for more information, please email Rally@MeirKin.c om. Also, visit for supporting documentation.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Jeremy Stern

The Organization for the Resolution of Agunot (ORA)

P.S. Constant communal pressure is essential. Therefore, a follow-up rally will take place on Sunday, May 31st unless a get is given.

Morris emails:

Dear Community
I’m sorry to have to burst the bubble and have the truth stare you in the face, but I had a meeting with Meir, and he has provided me evidence to back him up. Those of you that are not interested in knowing the true facts, please stop reading and delete this email!!!! Yesterday some of you protested at the Kin home in an effort to get Meir Kin to give his wife a GET. Unfortunately you have been all fed a bag of lies by the RCC, ORA and their cohorts. For those of you who dont know; an AGUNA is a woman whose husband is lost at sea with no verification if he’s alive, as well as a husband who REFUSES TO EVER GIVE A GET. Only these 2 circumstances justifies a title of "AGUNA". Meir Kin has written a GET at a Bais Din In Monsey, NY and is waiting for Lonna Kin to pick it up. It Is ridiculous and reprehensible for people to make false claims such as "its not kosher etc"  or "its not a respectable Bais Din" etc…The fact remains that Meir has shown his willingness to end the matter. Additionally, what many of you dont know, is Lonna Kin’s history of being a mean-spirited woman, vicious and unrelenting fighter. Lets begin with the following  facts and then you make a judgement of who is wrong here. 1) Lonna continues to fight her first husband, Dr Steven Presser, 10 years after her divorce with him.She has not allowed him to visit with his daughters. Additionally she has not followed the terms of her divorce agreement with him which stipulated that any future conflicts shall be remedied in a "BAIS DIN" and not the civil courts. (BTW see the links, and attachments that I have provided for you to verify the facts in this letter). AT THE LUKEFORD LINK SEE AT THE BOTTOM WHERE HE SAYS ‘MORRIS EMAILS" ETC..;
                     2) By reading the attached letters and links you can see that Meir has attempted to have his matter adjudicated at a "recognized Bais Din" from the getgo, but Lonna went immediately to the courts. shes an expert in delaying things as she had started a Divorce petition in 12/2004, and subsequently dismissed her divorce action on 1/2007. Why would anyone dismiss a divorce action after 2 years in the court, with each side spending $100,000 plus dollars??? After dismissing her Divorce action, she proceeded to Family Court
and ready for this!!!!!!! she obtained a gag order which stated that under penalty of jail, meir is forbidden to reveal certain facts to a Bais Din!!!!  (SEE RABBI GOBIOFF LETTERS, INCLUDING ONE TO THE JUDGE WHERE SHE ALMOST HAD HIM JAILED FOR SPEAKING TO RABBI GOBIOFF!)Well this order is still in effect!!! THEN SHE PROCEEDS TO GET A SEIRUV ON MEIR FROM HER COUSIN (ARYEH RALBAG) BAIS DIN. LAST I HEARD, FAMILY TIES INVALIDATES A JUDGE OR BAIS DIN!!!ADDITIONALLY RABBI GINZBERG FROM THE VERY SAME BAIS DIN SAW THIS PERPERTRATED FRAUD AND ISSUED MEIR A LETTER THAT NO SEIRUV SHOULD BE ISSUED!!!  THEN SHE HAS THE RCC DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!!! DO YOU SEE THE PICTURE HERE???Therefore in laymens terms this means: Meir cant have a fair Din Torah!! So essentially to sum it up, you have a clever woman, who takes a man to civil  court (which btw is forbidden in the Torah like eating pork if not worse and she did this immediately w/o any rabbinic permission!!!! and then obtains a GAG order to prevent him from revealing what went on in the house, and after achieving her goals in the court she has all of you fooled into fighting for her to obtain a GET wherever she so desires, AND REFUSES TO ACCEPT THE GET THAT WAS WRITTEN ALREADY, without allowing him due process in a bais din!!!  Let me ask you why has Lonna Gagged him? what is the illegal behavior that she has been doing and wants no one to know? why is she fighting 2 ex-husbands at the same time? So ladies and Gentlemen, this case is purely political as Lonna is a Ralbag whose cousin is a rabbi in brooklyn who has an in with "rabbi schachter" who has connections to the RCC who jointly have "pulled some strings " to make it appear like he’s a recalcitrant husband!!! I will now leave you the links to read and attachments as they speak for themselves. One of the worst sins are Loshon Hora and Motzi shem ra.  meir kin has been victimized by Lonna for 4 years now, he has left her a GET in Monsey, NY, she can move on with her life if she so chooses, but "somebody" has advised her not to pick it up, but instead to "SCREAM AGUNAH, AGUNAH, AGUNAH". This is not the Torahs depiction of an Agunah, and anyone who describes her as an AGUNAH is lying, distorting the truth and will pay in heaven for spreading needless and baseless hatred. 

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