Holly Randall Has Married

hollyrandall: Hey, I think you’re still not speaking to me, but thought you might want to know i got married to a nice English guy who has nothing to do with the porn industry

Chaim Amalek emails: Congratulations to her – she married one very lucky guy. Holly was/is just the sort of woman you (I) never ever meet on line: cheerful, charming, lovely, beautiful, youthful, and meant to be a wife and mother. The women one meets online (and likely the men to, in our own way) are the opposite of her in all respects.

Luke, when you are sixty and single, you’ll wish you had made a serious play for her.

FRED EMAILS: "What’s your reaction to this?  Any regrets about a missed opportunity?"

Luke says: No regrets, but this news moved me.

Chaim emails: In other words: yes, he regrets letting her get away.  She was the perfect match for the man Luke was before he let the rabbis cut off his genitals.  Plus, she had all sorts of ultra hot friends. 

D. emails: So you lost your big-bottomed sheila to a fair-dinkum POMMY? You’re a whingeing little ponce, and this is exactly what you deserve. All I know, Sunny Jim, is that this never would have happened to me or your brother Paul. You’re a fair-dinkum sinker, boy, and I regret being too soft-hearted towards you when you were a little joey. I should have staked you out on a termite mound for a few days to toughen you up. You’ve shamed the family name this time.

By the way, mate, nice job spelling "sapphic" in an earlier post. It’s got two "Ps," mate. Maybe you should go back to copying the dictionary page by page again.

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