Should The U.S. Support An Israeli Attack On Iran?

Joe emails:

The Israeli attack on Iran is not just a bombing raid. It is a test (or rather a quest) of western civilization. The combination of nuclear weapons in the hands of a government whose worldview is as medieval as wiping one’s backside with your hands is a test. The test is do you believe that the philosophy of Moses, Jesus, Luther, Jefferson, and FDR is superior to the philosophy of those who deny that the holocaust happened, but promise to deliver another one to Israel, just to punish it for making up the Holocaust in the first place.

Obama, unless he is slow playing his plan to deal with Iran with a knockout blow, may have decided that nuclear weapons and the incredible elevation in status that they bring are acceptable to him in the hands of Iran. It may be the end of the US running the show.

The Democratic party is not a home for the pro israel community.

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