An Elegantly Concise Racial Classification System

From the Chateau:

High IQ, High T (Europeans)
– Men: die Herrenvolk
– Women: virtuous, inspiring

High IQ, Low T (East Asians)
– Men: diligent, passive
– Women: cash register for soul

Low IQ, High T (Africans)
– Men: virile, destructive
– Women: “de mule of de world” [Z.N. Hurston]

Low IQ, Low T (Southeast Asians)
– Men: amiable layabouts
– Women: airhead sexpots

Sure, it’s a sweeping generalization, but who can deny the essential truth of it? Zoom out and imagine you are an alien god looking at the earthly continental races from above, watching their every move, their lives and their loves, the syncopation of their civilizations, and you had to put your thoughts to paper in fifty words or less. This list would do. (And of course in the margins you would jot “give or take exceptions to the rule”.)

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