Why Are Jews Allowed To Look After Their Own Interests Without Apology But Not Whites?

That’s a question I’ve had since I started reading the late Dr. William Pierce (American Nazi) in 1999.

Many of my friends are Jewish nationalists. They are interested first and foremost in what is good for the Jews.

I have no problem with this attitude. I don’t believe it is immoral. It is not popular. It doesn’t sound good in front of the goyim, but what is good for the Jews in my view is good for humanity.

I know of a lot of people who are black nationalists. They are first and foremost interested in what is good for blacks.

Other people such as La Raza seem to be latino nationalists. They are first and foremost interested in their own people.

How can I object to this? I can’t.

VDARE and the like seem to be first and foremost interested in what is good for white people. How can I object to that if I don’t object to those who are Jewish nationalists and black nationalists and latino nationalists?

I do think that putting race first is primitive. Jews are not a race. They are a people defined by a religion aka the most morally sophisticated value system developed. I think it is far superior to have your primary allegiance to a value system rather than a race. I’m not sure how much significance race has. I won’t be an ideologue such as Dennis Prager and declare categorically that race has no significance. As Dr. Sally Satel declared in the New York Times Sunday magazine (her article was helped by Steve Sailer), if she placed zero interest in her patient’s race, she would not be doing her job as a doctor. if different races have differing health issues, then there may well be some significance to race.

I email Holocaust revisionist Zan Overall: "You might find this rabbi [Mayer Schiller] interesting, he’s a white separatist."

He responds:

Thanks. I am not a white separatist, capitalized in quotes, however I am coming to see it is strange that other races and groups such as Jews are allowed to look after their own interests without apology but whites are not supposed to do the same.

Black on white crime is hugely worse than white on black crime but we don’t talk about that. (Do you remember the comedy skit where a liberal Jewish couple was giving information to a detective after being mugged by a black man and could not BRING themselves to describe him as black? Uproarious!)

Am reading the book My Awakening by David Duke. Take a peek some time. The first part of the book deals with race and racial differences. He is a very impressive writer whatever you think of his views. Check him out sometime. Zan.

PS The jokes on the Tonight Show about people In jail (now that I think of it always white) getting raped by big black Bubba have started to get to me. Am thinking of a placard like this to parade in front of NBC-Burbank:


(The last two lines are just to get his attention. Like the joke about the man who hit a balking mule over the head with a 2×4, not to hurt him, "just to get his attention.")

Zan, I went to LAPL.org (Los Angeles Public Library) to borrow this book by David Duke but surprisingly the library does not carry any books by Mr. Duke.

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